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cywydd llosgyrnog

I am leaving this in V&A as well, hoping for some Beta help -

I spent tonight writing in a place that is not ready to be written, and when I stopped to make coffee, this came to me, entire -- and then refused all but two small attempts at editing. It is too undefined for How Do I, which is closed anyway – but it demanded my attention. Here’s your chance to Beta for me -- is there anything here, or is it just automatic writing that should be journaled and ignored? Does it say anything to you? I would dismiss it as simply personal, but of all forms, I never expected a cywydd llosgyrnog to appear fully formed in my mouth. Any input, please??

In dreams, I searched for my heart’s beat
each note was separate and discrete,
incomplete - yet from afar
came echoes, answering, that seemed
to know the answers I had dreamed
when redeemed by love’s northstar



Re: cywydd llosgyrnog

Don't dismiss it! It is, indeed, personal, but it did speak to me in a lot of different ways. I love it, and even more so for what it means. Please, don't dismiss it. I am very very impressed that you managed that rhyme in the middle of the third sentence (I don't know why I think that rhyme is so hard to get!) and it makes perfect sense with the rest of the poem. I am not checking for meter at the moment, but when I read it aloud, the last line didn't sound quite like the rest of it. Does it read like that to you, too? The meaning is perfect, though, and I like the thought of the northstar

I have to go now, but I'll be back to give better feedback, Tay. It is so amazing that this form is speaking to you so clearly! Good job!




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