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Getting Started

Hi folks!

I'm Anglachel, Site Manager and chief programmer for HASA. What I'm going to try to do with this discussion is give regular, non-techie users advice on how to get the most out of the HASA story system.

I'll try to explain why things are the way they are, help you figure out the best ways to set all the different flags and statuses, give you some new ways of thinking about your stories, and enable you to get the most out of this archival system.

As I've said in a few places, I can spell just fine, but my typing skills aren't so hot. I'll try to fix typos as I go.

Please jump in with questions and confuzzlements - if you're confused, so is someone else.

Toodles - Ang



Re: Getting Started - Think Different

The most important thing to do is to think different.

When you're using the system, don't think of your story as a story. Think of it as data. That makes it easier (Really!) to chop it up and move it around.

Now, a story isn't just any data. It is very specific pieces of information:

1. Listing - every story has a listing. What's a listing? A listing is the central building block for a story in the database. Think of a listing as the hub - all other data gets attached to it. The listing starts with an ID number, a title, and a summary. Then things get added to it.

2. Author - every story has an author. There's an author list in the database, and every story gets an author attached to it.

3. Statuses - every story has statuses or "flags" attached to it. A rating (General/Adult) is a status. So is a genre (Humor, Drama, Action). Some statuses are very powerful, like story status, and can move your story to different places in the site.

4. Content - every story needs some content. Sometimes the content is no more than a URL to another site. Preferably, you story will have HTML chapters in the HASA database.

These are the building blocks for your stories. When you think about your story, think first about the listing. Whatever happens to the listing happens to all the other parts. When you work with the story, think about how the parts connect to the listing. This is the best thing you can do to efficiently manage your stories.




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