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I would like to beta, but dont know how to go about getting started. I have been beta-ing for a personal friend that i have known for a while, but dont know how to beta on HASA*looks sheepish. My profile is up, but i dont know if there is anythig else i need to do. Wildrose0509



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Hi Wildrose Now, this is the sort of post that makes my day I'm the HASA Beta Admin and it's my purpose in life to make sure lovely people like you who want to be beta readers get to link up with authors who want to find beta readers. You may want to start by reading an article we've put together on Beta Reading at HASA. This looks at the beta process and also gives some ideas on how authors can find betas at HASA - and where betas can look for authors to work with. The main place you can look for stories to beta is in the Beta - Try Before You Buy discussion, where you will find extracts from authors who are looking for betas and who don't mind working with people who are new(ish) to beta-ing. Also, do take a look at the list of the ten most recent beta stories on the home page. Authors put stories in the beta archive when they want feedback. Most authors link to their personal forums from their stories and will welcome comments on their stories which could lead to a deeper beta relationship. You may also want to check out the HASA Writers' Circle where HASA members are working through a series of writing exercises and giving each other feedback. Even if you don't want to write, I'm sure the writers there would love to have more feedback on their efforts from someone new. The pieces are short, so you would have the chance to respond to a lot of different authors fairly quickly. However, as the article stresses, the best way to get into a beta relationship is simply to get involved in discussions, make friends and offer to beta. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Cheers Liz/Tanaqui HASA Beta Admin



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I would like to find a beta, but I have specific needs. I have approached a few on the list, but they did not have the time. Is there a thread where you can just ask for a beta? I saw mention of wanting one, but not really anything concrete. I have one beta, but we disagree on plot, so I would like to add an additional one. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.



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Hi Rous, You could try the Beta - Try before you buy thread. You can describe what you are looking for, provide a sample of your work, etc. HTH, Amanda.



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