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Stories Forum for Quick Beta comments

Hi all, There has been a discussion on HA about starting a "Request for Quick Beta Comments" forum. I don't have time right now to repeat/condense the conversation, so I'm making a mention here. I'm hoping this will be an additional way for beta stuff to happen, in addition to individual forums and the Beta Readers list. Some of the thread titles were: " HASA review system", "Thoughts on Beta and Review", "review vs beta", etc., and the latest thread has the subject "Wondering: a "request for quick beta comments" forum on HASA?" Julie briefly peaking in on break



Re: Stories Forum for Quick Beta comments

This is a great idea, sort of a way for beta readers to know right off that authors are wanting real constructive crit, not merely enthusiastic feedback. Thanks for coming up with the idea, and please let me know if you could use any help.



Re: Stories Forum for Quick Beta comments


Sorne&Enros gave me the idea, but I'm sort of running with it. I'm drafting an intro text at the moment & send you a copy via email to nitpick ...




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