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Sindarin Word for Month

What is the Sindarin word for "month"? I don't mean the words/names of months in Sindarin. Yes, I know that Elves seemed to reckon time in days, weeks, years and longer periods, but surely the Dúnedain coined a word for month, probably coined from Sindarin. What would that have been?

Thanks in advance for your help! -- Barra



Re: Sindarin Word for Month

I couldn't find an attested Sindarin word for 'month', but the Quenya word is 'asta'*, and since Gondor seems to use Quenya names for the calendar in both Kings' Reckoning and Stewards' Reckoning, you can probably use that. Also, I suspect 'asta' can be used in Sindarin without having to change the word.

'Lunar month' in Quenya is 'ránasta'.

*attested in Appendix D of LotR in the plural ('astar') and also mentioned in Vinyar Tengwar 48.



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