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Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Well, since everybody is being shy about nuzgûl, here's a very simple and obvious one for October:

Ghosts. Whether hauntings or faded Elves, or something else is up to the writer. It doesn't even have to be scary...



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Blood and fire and horror and-

 He judders from sleep, heart pounding in his chest.

 Heart racing, his eyes flicker right and left, but the nightmare is already fractured, already fading.

 She snores peacefully next to him, bright and beautiful and big with child.

 He slumps embarrassed back to his pillow, dripping with sweat, haunted by shadows only he can see.

 An owl cries somewhere in the distance.

 Aragorn will sleep no more this night.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

*sends the King a mug of hot milk*



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Aruthir's Note: This one requires a little knowledge of ancient Númenorean history, and it wouldn't hurt if you read my tales "His Mother's Son" or "Sins of the Father", but otherwise... well, to say more would be telling...


Sitting upon the throne and listening to yet another supplicant, I can barely stifle a yawn.

So many petty squabbles... who would have thought that being King could be so tiresome?

My friends in Middle Earth send me plea after plea for aid, for arms, for men, but my hands are tied by endless domestic disputes and chained by un-numbered grudges on my home soil.

I close my eyes for a second.

It is for my son that I do this, I think- for my poor, motherless son- for his late, lamented mother...

Númenor seethes these days with angry tides of foolish rage; brother accuses brother over the slightest matter; I must remove the beam from mine own eye before I tend to the motes in those of my neighbours.

I open my eyes again...

...and start back in horror.

She is staring at me.

How? How?


For a moment I flinch back in my seat, cowering in horror even as I realise my foolishness, my fear of a mere painting...

...and then doubt settles on me like monstrous black snowflakes.

It is only a painting of my wife, my poor, perished Tar-Vanimeldë...

...but it was never there before.

I lick my lips.

They taste of blood- I have bitten through my lower one in my panic.

She stares back at me.

I hear her laughter.




Father looks suitably horrified- having Mother's painting brought into the Audience Chamber has had the desired effect.





Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Aruthir's Note: Are you afraid of the dark? Who, me?


Creeping through the corridors, the boy smiled to himself.

Not a single creature stirred that night- even his uncle's dogs were asleep and snoring.

All was still, all was silent...

...all was perfect.

Slinking through the shadows with cat-like ease, the boy imagined himself raiding an enemy camp, sneaking past countless foes to bring rapturous acclaim down upon his head- he, only a boy, doing what a hundred men- a thousand men could not.

He imagined his uncle's beaming grin upon him and his smile widened still further. Such love in those eyes, such pride...

...the smile faltered as he reached the great Hall and he realised he was not alone.

Someone sat on the great throne already, and the boy cursed to himself. Had his carefully-laid plans been discovered? Had someone second-guessed him- worse, had he been betrayed?

Still, he thought, he had gone too far now to turn back- forwards was the only way.

Creeping from pillar to pillar the boy moved ever closer to the the throne. Whoever it was seated upon the throne had not moved, after all- perhaps it was merely a trick of the moonlight slanting through the windows, perhaps it was merely an optical illusion pouring icewater on his heart?

Emboldened, he stepped from shadow into light...

...and let slip a shriek that woke all of Meduseld.


The next morning there was an uneasy hush in the room the boy shared with his sister. He claimed sickness and was spared the curiosity of the court at breakfast, but still something was wrong.

It fell to his cousin to winkle the truth out of him.

"It was a dream, nothing more. You were sleep-walking, cuz."

The boy glared as only twelve-year-olds can.

"It was not. I saw it."

Théodred son of Théoden smiled despite his cousin's glower.

"Of course you did, cousin- but it is your first night in a new home. Many things look strange when you first look upon them in moonlight, after all."

The boy's glare deepened.

"I didn't dream it!"

The king's son rolled his eyes, but said nothing, in the hope of drawing the tale out still further.

"I did see it! It was sitting in the throne, clear as I see you now!"

Thunder rumbled, and whatever Théodred had been going to say he did not. The boy took this as a sign to continue.

"It had long black hair rimed with frost, and eyes pale as milk, and blood stained its beard below a smile full of sharp yellow teeth. I saw it! I did!"

 Thunder rumbled again, and Théodred shivered...

...but said nothing.


That night, when all was silent except the storm outside, the King's son sat before the throne and watched it closely, a candle flickering by his side.

After all, Éomer might indeed only have been a lonely orphan boy in a new home...

...but the thing he had described sitting in the great throne had haunted his teenage nightmares too.

The wolf might have been dead for centuries, but his memory lived on...




Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Aruthir's Note: Sometimes the future is just as haunting as the past...


We have been told we are to ride out tomorrow.

 My stomach churned with fear then; it roils with terror now.

 I never wanted to be a soldier- I wanted to be a poet, a writer, a teacher- but I had no choice.

 Father was a soldier, his father was a soldier, his father too, his father and his father too…

 I stare at the ceiling and I pray that all of this is just a horrible dream, that all this will prove to have just been a terrible nightmare…

 The bloodied crescents torn into my palms tell me otherwise.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Nice and creepy - even if my subconscious muttered "I never wanted to be a soldier, I wanted to be a lumberjack!", but then you can't go wrong with Monty Python Who, me?

Now, if anyone has seen my muse, or has she gone off to war too?



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

I'd offer you mine, but then you'd end up writing nothing but obscure Dunlendings and Númenorean queens... Wink



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Which are perfectly fine topics, but not what I should be writing right now Laugh out loud



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Aruthir's Note: 140 characters, with each and every one spelling despair- poor King Eärnur...


I stare out of the window.

 I can do naught else- his mockery echoes in my ears and drowns all…

 I can ride out or go insane…

 Either way I lose.




Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

My suggestion for November's Nuzgûl of the Month is quite simple- October is the month one commemorates the dead, so November be a month that celebrates life. Mothers, wives, sisters, sons, husbands, brothers... is it not written that a single spark brings an end to a millennium of darkness, after all?



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

"Set us free."

 For a moment I consider denying his request- for a moment I recognise the unmeasured power he and his men would provide me…

 "You promised."

 …but it is but that- a single moment.

 I nod.

 "Your oath is fulfilled."

 The ghost returns my gesture and then throws his head back and utters an unholy shriek.

 The ghost's howl echoes impossibly over and over again until it fills the air, and as I watch y army disappears as mist before the sunlight.

 As their departure echoes across the field, I can only hope I made the right decision.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Hmm... one wonders what might have happened if he hadn't... Who, me?



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

Good one. I'll post it later today.



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

I think I'll let you play with that particular Nuzgûl, Nath- it's teeth are long and lethal... Who, me?



Re: Nuzgûl of the Month October 2013

*casually pets Nuzgûl*



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