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Whether The Weather Be Fine...

...or whether the weather be not, we'll weather the  weather whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not!

Did I imagine it, or did Tolkien say that Numenor did not have rain/fog/snow etc until things went wrong?



Re: Whether The Weather Be Fine...

I'll try and look it up later (have to run off to work now), but given how fertile the island's supposed to be, no rain seems unlikely. I do think there's something about the climate being mild/pleasant somewhere.



Re: Whether The Weather Be Fine...

Here it is, from the Akallabeth:

Now aforetime in the isle of Númenor the weather was ever apt to the needs and liking of Men: rain in due season and ever in measure; and sunshine, now warmer, now cooler, and winds from the sea. And when the wind was in the west, it seemed to many that it was filled with a fragrance, fleeting but sweet, heart-stirring, as of flowers that bloom for ever in undying meads and have no names on mortal shores. But all this was now changed; for the sky itself was darkened, and there were storms of rain and hail in those days, and violent winds[...]



Re: Whether The Weather Be Fine...

Cheers, Nath- possible fic is now possible!



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