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The Mouth of Sauron Lives!

What if the Mouth of Sauron survived the fall of Sauron? You can use the movie-verse MoS, or the undescribed-bookverse MoS (giving you much more freedom to describe him as you wish.) The story must be Post-Ringwar, but it does not have to be Post-RotK (it could happen before the end of the Third Age.) What would happen if the MoS defeated Aragorn? If you're into dark-AU, this could be a lot of fun for you! MoS is described as a powerful sorcerer, let's throw in some blatant magic! Tolkien doesn't tell us what Gandalf was doing between the time he left the Hobbits and when he sailed, except that he visited Tom Bombadil, how about a showdown between MoS and Gandalf? (Come on! We all know that we wanted to see it in the movie!) How about if MoS made it to the Shire? There are lots of interesting possibilities, let's see some of them!

Teitho mae,




Re: The Mouth of Sauron Lives!

Interesting bunny. I don't feel a nibble myself at the moment, but I'll put it in the next news to see if it'll bite others...



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