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Coinage in Middle Earth (and Arda)

What names were used for currency in M-E, especially Arnor&c, and The Shire. I know that Gondor has Mirenth and Canath (I think I spelled them right) but does Tolkien, or anyone ever mention the others 



Re: Coinage in Middle Earth (and Arda)

I can't think of any references for Arnor, but there is of course the reference to silver pennies in Bree, when Butterbur offers to reimburse the hobbits for the loss of their ponies.

The names used for coins in Gondor are tharni and castar (in Westron; the Sindarin names are canath and mirian). A tharni is a quarter castar (HoME XII - The Appendix on Languages, pg. 45)



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