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1. What are the Forums?

2. What is a forum?

3. What are read-only forums?

4. Why are some forums read-only?

5. What are closed forums?

6. Who should create forums?


How To

1. How do I join a forum?

2. How do I post in a forum?

3. How do I start a new topic?

4. How do I add a forum?

5. How do I link a story to a forum?

6. How do I join a closed forum?

7. How do I make a closed forum?

8. How do I make an open forum closed?

9. How can I get a message which doesn't carry a mature warning to include one?

10. How do I warn others that a forum, thread or message contains mature content?

11. How do I delete a forum I don't want?



1. What should I put in the introduction to my forum?

2. Where should I put my forum?

3. Can I link a story to more than one forum?

4. Can I post anonymously?

5. Must I stay at or below PG 13 in my forum?

6. Can I have OT (Off Topic) threads in my forum?

7. Can I create more than one forum?

8. How do I get people to post in my forum?

9. May I start a new topic if I don't own the forum?


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