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Amlaith, King of Arthedain, dies

Event Type: Genealogical

Age: 3rd Age - The Kings

Year: 0946

Amlaith of Fornost, eldest son of Eärendur, 1st King of Arthedain dies out of natural causes. He ruled for 85 years. Because of the dissension amoung his brothers, the kingdom of Arnor was divided into three parts. Thus Amlaith was not the King of Arnor but the King of Arthedain; and the Kings ceased to take names in the High-Elven form. The Line of Isildur was maintained through him.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Appx. A Part I Section ii "The Realms in Exile" and Section iii "Eriador, Arnor and Heirs of Isildur"

Loquacious 07.01.03

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