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Tar-Ancalimë becomes Queen of Númenor

Meaning: Most Bright One

Event Type: Political

Age: 2nd Age - Pre-Rings

Year: 1075

Tar-Ancalimë becomes the first ruling queen of Númenor.

Appx. B, Tale of Years, LotR

She reigned for 205 years, longer than any ruler after Elros.
Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch III, The Line of Elros: Kings of Numenor

"She became the the first Queen [i.e. Ruling Queen]; for it was then made a law of the royal house that the eldest child of the King, whether man or woman, should receive the sceptre."
RotK, Appendix A, I, i, Númenor

"Now in the year 892, when Ancalimë was nineteen years old, she was proclaimed the King's Heir (at a far earlier age than had previously been the case...); and at that time Tar-Aldarion cause the law of succession to be changed. It is said specifically that Tar-Aldarion did this 'for reasons of private concern, rather than policy' and out of 'his long resolve to defeat Erendis'."
Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch II, Aldarion and Erendis

"It is told that after the death of Tar-Aladarion in 1098 Tar-Ancalimë neglected all her father's policies and gave no further aid to Gil-galad in Lindon."
Unfinished Tales, Part 2, Ch II, Aldarion and Erendis

Angalchel - 3.16.03
Lyllyn 4.21.03

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