HASA Challenges

Open Challenges

Open Challenges

# Name Entries Closing Date
1 2014 Birthday Cards 0 December 31, 2014
2 VmE Sauron Day Listicles 0 April 30, 2014
3 Sun, Shadow, and Smaug 9 February 01, 2014
4 2013 Birthday Cards 1 December 31, 2013
5 Nuzgûl of the Month 2013 7 December 31, 2013

In Challenges

What is a Challenge?

Challenges are ideas for fanfiction that others have presented to the group at large. Any Henneth Annûn member can propose a Challenge. The prospective Challenge must get a minimum of three people who say they will try to write a story for it. These are called 'pledges.' If at least three pledges are obtained, then the idea becomes a Challenge.

Most Challenges start life as Nuzgûl.

Why are Challenges Open or Closed?

The defining element of a Challenge, why it's not just another story, is that you have a limited time to write a story that meets certain constraints. You can't just say "Oh, I'll write that eventually." You have to write it under a deadline. This really makes the author focus on her writing.

Once the deadline is reached, the Challenge is closed to new entries. Placeholders can stay, but if there aren't three stories, the Challenge becomes a Nuzgûl.

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