HASA Challenges



1. What is in the Challenge section on HASA?

2. What is a Challenge?

4. Who can enter a Challenge?

5. When a Challenge is closed, what happens?

6. What is a Nuzgûl?

7. What is the Nuzgûl Hutch?

8. What is an Oliphaunt?

9. What is the Oliphaunt Pen?

10. What is a Placeholder?

11. What is a Prompt?


How To

1. How do I enter a Challenge?

2. How do I change a Placeholder to a real story?

3. How do I add a Nuzgûl to the Hutch?

4. How do I create a Challenge for the group?



1. I entered the wrong story in the Challenge!

2. Oops, I don't want to be in this Challenge at all!

3. I just posted another chapter and it isn't showing up!

4. I entered this Challenge twice by accident

5. I adopted a Nuzgûl, but now I don't want the pesky thing - can I get rid of it?



1. What are the requirements that I must meet to respond to a Challenge?

2. May I enter a story in more than one open challenge?

3. What if I want to submit a Challenge entry for review?

4. Can anyone start a Challenge?

5. Can I write for a Challenge I created?

6. I have a story idea, but I don't want to write it myself.

7. Why are some Challenges posted under HA Writers instead of the author's name?


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