Sun, Shadow, and Smaug

The Littlest Thief

1. I


"Tell me, little thief, why I should not end you here and now?"

I gulp in answer- it is all I can do.

Smaug is as magnificent as my mother would have had me believe when she told me to stay away from his cave- as her mother had her believe, as her mother had her believe…

Great and golden and glorious…

"Why should I not blast you into atoms, little thief? Why should I not destroy you utterly and entirely?"

I shrug- it is all I can do.

I cannot meet his eyes- he is a hurricane made flesh, a thunderclap incarnate, bestial and brutal and brilliant…

The great dragon chuckles at my discomfort, and the echoing clamor of his mirth is like being trapped at the heart of a thunderstorm. Any second now I will die, I think- any second now there will be a blast of heat and light and then…

And then…

One second passes, then another, then another.

I hold my breath, awaiting my inevitable destruction…

…and then he chuckles again.

"Tell me your name, little thief."

I blink, shocked.

"Tell me your name, little thief, so that I might remember your audacity in years to come."

I am confused. He wants my name?

"You are a thief, but you cannot help it. You were born a thief and will die a thief."

I watch, awe-struck, as he picks up a coin- delicate as a seamstress and devastating as a storm- and flickers it between his fingers.

"I was born a hoarder and will die a hoarder, little thief- we are not so different, you and I, do you not think?"

The coin glitters in the dim sunlight that enters the cave mouth, and my mouth waters. I must have it, I must, I-

"Take this coin with my blessing- take it and treasure it, little thief."

I nod frantically, unable to believe my luck.

"Take it and begin your own hoard… but give me your own name first."

I clutch the coin tightly- it is warm from his touch, why did I not think it would be?

"Tell me your name, little thief… that I might know you if you are fool enough to seek to rob me in future."

I nod, acknowledging his justice, and he smiles- or at least, what passes for a smile amongst his kind.

I do not speak his language- my throat does not allow me to- but I understand it utterly. Clutching the coin in my claws, I nod once more to the beast before speaking my one word.


Smaug nods, and that one movement dismisses me. I flee in a frantic flutter of wings, crying my name over and over again in the hope that he does not retract his promise.


I cannot use the coin, but I do not care- I am naught but a jackdaw, after all, transfixed by shiny objects.


Smaug does not use his coins either.

I wonder if he cares…

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