How Do I Love Thee Challenge

Strength of Love

1. The Strength of My Love

Rondeau for Denethor


I want a man with steel to be my lord
So offer not just flowers or soft words
Show me instead the strength you can impart
And I will offer you my willing heart
And be the supple sheath that guards your sword
I want a man with steel

So blend your song with mine, a perfect chord
And you will find love is its own reward
And I am quite accomplished in the art…
I want a man with steel

Have you the strength to make me feel adored?
I am no quiet dream be ignored
I long for nights entwined, not days apart -
To run in forest glen like hind and hart
Give me strong sons to be my treasure hoard
I want a man with steel

Notes: This is a very very speculative piece, written to explore an alternate view. I could find no real information about Finduilas, except that she was young. But she was the daughter of Knights, and I imagine she may have had some very specific desires of her own. I do not mean it to deal only with the physical - when she says she is accomplished in the art, she means the art of Love - in all it's guises.

Did Faramir put that robe of Dol Amroth blue on Eowyn because he could see his mother’s reflection in the white lady? Perhaps young Finduilas was the Shieldmaiden of Dol Amroth… perhaps she was in every way a match for Denethor’s desires when he was still at his best.

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