How Do I Love Thee Challenge


1. kyrielle elanor



The sun rides low in winter’s sky
I watch the withered leaves blow by
But spring still blooms beside my door
With golden stars of elanor

The Lady sent them from her land
Your father planted each by hand
To cleanse the Shire of pain and war
With golden stars of elanor

Each golden heart conceals a dream
A captured sun, a brightest beam
Hope dwells inside our hearts secure
With golden stars of elanor

Still brighter is my girl of gold
The light my hands delight to hold
I fear no frost – and I adore
The golden heart of Elanor.



Elanor came from a literate lineage, and became the keeper of The Red Book- I thought she would not have taken for her own a man who could not write her at least one verse…

I don't have much of a grip on hobbits, so this pairing was a challenge. I liked using the kyrielle for this, it seemed to fit a Shire poem, breezy yet structured.

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