Modern girl goes to Middle-earth...

The Hobbit In A Pet's Eyes

4. Chapter 4

Misty’s POV

Sandy yelped and backed away, but miraculously didn’t try to back away. I looked at her as if to say ‘Just go over there’, but she didn’t. I felt myself leave the ground and meowed in protest.

Sandy’s POV

I saw Misty getting picked up by some weird good looking people. I was very wary, because just because someone looks nice doesn’t mean they are nice. I backed away, but the dog they had (who’s male) walked over and nosed me gently towards them. ‘Who are they?’ I yelped while trying to back away.
‘They are my masters — they won’t hurt you’ replied the dog.

Misty’s POV

The dog turned away from Sandy as another dog ran over.
‘Get away from my boy!’ she snarled, as she lunged at Sandy.

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