April 2007 Birthdays

Darth Fingon's Birthday 2007

2. Final Word - Minuial Nuwing

~Lindon 1200 II~

"He is very fair. If one is so inclined."

Elrond paused mid-stroke in his hair brushing ritual and stared into the mirror. "You are joking."

Gil-galad's reflection eyed him placidly. "I am not. You disagree?"

Elrond disagreed. He disagreed with a vehemence expressed in eloquent eyebrow and colorful invective. He disagreed so emphatically that Gil-galad had to duck to avoid a painful encounter with a flying hairbrush.

"No violence, please," Gil-galad chided, staying well out of reach. "I share your distrust and have denied him entry to the city." He snorted inelegantly. "What sort of charlatan names himself Annatar, anyway?"

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