The Alphabet of Middle Earth

O - like an ornery Orome.

2. Perspectives - by Gwynnyd



"You must stay. You are being pigheaded, obstinate…"

Oromë kept striding towards the stables, ignoring her pleas.

"It's Festival!" Vána shrieked. "Eru expects to see us dance.  You cannot just leave."

Giving her an infuriating, superior smile, Oromë dammed her flow of invective by kissing her on the lips before he swung himself up onto the waiting stallion.

Oromë looked down at her. "New monsters and fell beasts roam unchecked."  

Vána pouted her lips in the way she knew he liked and carelessly slid the strap of her dress off her shoulder. "They'll still be there after the Festival. I want to dance with you now."

"This hunting is necessary. Eru will not mind if you dance alone until I return." He loosed the horse and blew her a kiss as they galloped away.

Vána stamped her foot in frustration.  He was the most provoking husband.  She saw him raise his horn and covered her ears as Valaróma's blast cleaved the heavens.  The horse tossed his head as Oromë urged him onward.

Vaná watched their retreat. How could she feel both bereft and angry?  "Ornery irritating lout," she muttered and turned back to dance on the green, flower-starred grass alone.

A/N –

'The spouse of Oromë is Vána, the Ever-young;' – The Silmarillion

I like Oromë and had a hard time seeing him as 'ornery'.  Then I came across this quote and started to wonder what exactly 'ever-young' could mean in the context of the immortal Valar.  I also have teen-aged daughters.  LOL 

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