The Alphabet of Middle Earth

L - like the legacy of Legolas

1. Promises Kept - by Gwynnyd


Prompt – L – Like the legacy of Legolas

Promises Kept

"Twenty-four."  Boromir, sixth Prince of Ithilien, whistled his appreciation under his breath and wondered how soon the money would begin to flow into his sadly depleted revenues.  "I had not thought the site large enough for that many villas."

"The site. Ah, Your Grace, well, the surveyors took a bit of liberty.  If you will allow me."  The burly architect unrolled a large map onto the table and weighted it flat with inkpots and books.  He ran a fat finger over the contour lines at the west edge of the river.  "We were hard pressed to put even six estates on the little wedge of land you had designated, but then Ingold -you remember Ingold, Your Grace, very promising young man – stuck his head over the ridge here." He gave a poke at the map for emphasis. "And remembering Your Grace's orders to, er, make as many of those merchants in the city clamouring for leasable land happy, if we just push roads in here and here, there is enough land to content every one, and put a pretty penny in your pockets as well.  I have marked the sites in red."

The architect beamed at his prince, obviously pleased with his ingenuity.  With long practice in reading maps, Boromir bent over and traced the roads to the villa sites, noting how they would fill in low spots and level hills to make the necessary building sites.  The architect knew his job.  Only stupid sentiment had kept the land wild and untouched for so long.  

"There are many trees excellently shaped for lumber. We will log it out and put a quarry here for the stone…"

Boromir ceased listening.  Though his heart cried out, the elves will leave, he knew it for foolishness.  His grandfather had sworn he caught glimpses of elves there in his boyhood, but none had been seen in the long years since.  Boromir's head bent over the map but his eyes saw golden slants of light picking out hidden flowers, and his ears heard birdsong trilling out over shaded, welcoming glades.  All of Ithilien was a garden, but it was a crowded and tame one, save for these few hills and forests where, possibly, elves still hid.

"No."  His command broke off the architect's explanations. "The first Prince gave that land to Legolas to use for as long as Men remembered.  And I have not forgotten."

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