March 2006 Birthday Challenge

Mar'isu's 2006 Birthday Presents

1. Gimli and Hygiene


Gimli and Hygiene
Easy, louse, shows, Eldar

It is not easy. I am referring to this journey. It seems that most of it is to be spent out-of-doors. And that elf, he delights in his hygiene. Would that he find a louse in his hair.

Ah, the Eldar, so persnickety. It just shows that they could not survive outside of their cloistered realms. How like him to be concerned with his hair.

I will never understand their need for cleanliness. Look at the hobbits. They do not suffer. I think even Aragorn and Boromir disdain this constant bathing. Ah, well. Soon I will be home. No baths.

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