August 2006 Birthday Challenge

Ang's 2006 Birthday Drabbles

1. A Queen Among Farmers’ Wives


From Imhiriel:

The off-key singing grew even louder as the door opened. "Ring a dong dillo!"

Mrs. Maggot swung her rolling-pin.

When Farmer Maggot came to, he lay on the floor, his throbbing head on his wife's lap. He blinked blearily up at her.


She tapped his nose. "I told you what I'd do the next time you came back from old Bombadil completely soused, didn't I?"

His sudden burst of energy, rearing up and grabbing her arms, caught her off guard.

Moments later both lay breathlessly giggling, arms and legs entangled.

He beamed down at her. "Love you, Mrs. Maggot!"

- Frodo calls Mrs. Maggot "a queen among farmers' wives" in FotR, A Conspiracy Unmasked
- "...he [Tom Bombadil] made no secret that he owed his recent knowledge largely to Farmer Maggot, whom he seemed to regard as a person of more importance than they had imagined." (FotR, In the House of Tom Bombadil)

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