LACE Challenge

Not In This World

4. The Two Made One

Before she was even aware of it, her feet touched the ground, the darkness was lifted from her sight, and she knew immediately where she was. Trying to keep calm and collected, Roz walked the rest of the way to the entrance of the grotto, and there, his back to her, was the man she'd fallen in love with only a week past. His silver-blonde hair was unbound and ended a few inches below his shoulder blades. He was wearing the same robes he always wore when she met him here, and if she was right, the robes would be all he was wearing. Taking a step further inside, she stopped as he moved and turned to face her. There was nothing to hide his face from her now, and his mouth parted slightly as he stared at her.

"I felt your presence," he said. Roz closed her eyes for a moment before opening them again. His voice was deep and smooth and it sent a thrill deep within her. "I knew you were here. My heart reached for yours, but I cannot be sure you are really here."

"There's only one way to find out," she replied.

They took a step or two toward each other, hesitant, yet determined. When they stood close enough to reach out, they did so. Perhaps it was habit that their hands stopped only an inch away from each other, but there was nothing there to stop them from touching. Roz felt it, as did the man before her. Slowly, very slowly, they brought their hands together.

"It is real," he whispered. "You are here. If only you knew how much I wanted this moment to happen."

"I bet I could, because it was the same way for me." His hand came up to caress her face and he ran his fingers through her hair.

"Such a wonderful color to behold. Like new copper." He traced a fingertip over her ear, down her jaw line, over her neck, and to the thin strap of her negligee. "What is your name, meleth-nin?"

"Roselinde. But everyone calls me Roz."

"Roselinde suits you better," he said. He brushed aside the strap and it fell off her shoulder. "Your skin is as soft as I imagined it to be, meleth-nin."

"What does 'meleth-nin' mean?" she managed to ask. His touch was enough to set her blood a-fire.

"It means 'my love' in the tongue of Men," he answered.

Roselinde's heartbeat quickened. She felt him slip the other strap off her shoulder, and her negligee slipped a little. He leaned in closer to her and she reached through his robes to touch his chest. His skin was hot to the touch, but she didn't take her hand away. She bit lightly on her lower lip as she looked up at him, catching his gaze with hers. Her hand moved over his chest, lightly skimming over his nipples. She was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure, and she dared to move her hand lower over his abdomen.

"What is your name?" she asked him. She brought her hand back up to feel his heart beating, and he covered her hand with one of his.

"Celeborn, meleth-nin."

Roselinde repeated his name, and the words for 'my love', savoring the sound of both just before he bent to kiss her. It was a hungry kiss, and a little rougher than she expected, but she returned it with her own need. His tongue warred with hers, each tasting the other. His arms wrapped around her and he held her against his body. She couldn't ignore his arousal and it only fueled her desire for him.

Celeborn broke the kiss, leaving her breathless, but he wasn't done yet. He moved lower to kiss her neck. His hands slid over her back and lower to her backside. Roselinde gasped against his chest as he gripped her backside and then took hold of the hem of her negligee. Pulling away from her, he lifted the black satiny fabric over her head, and she stood naked before him. Her slender figure was everything he dreamed it would be. All he had been able to see of her before was of her breasts, which he'd always wanted to touch and even taste. He let his gaze linger on her chest before moving lower to her belly and even further still to the core of her femininity.

A shiver coursed through his body first, and then he saw his Roselinde shiver. Were they already so connected that what he felt, so would she? Only once had he experienced this kind of link, and that was with his ex-wife. But with Roselinde it was different, stronger somehow, than with Galadriel. He couldn't explain it if he tried, and now wasn't the time to even be thinking about this sort of thing. Before him stood the reality of Roselinde; the woman of his dreams.

She took a step forward and brushed aside his robes in order to lay her hand on his chest again. Her yearning need for him was growing in intensity, and soon she knew she would do whatever it took to have him inside her. Roselinde felt the dampness of his skin and smiled slightly as an idea formed in her mind. But first, she wanted to see him without the robes. Since he divested her of the little black negligee she wore, she would return the favor. Reaching up with her one hand, she took hold of the silky fabric and pushed it off his shoulder, and brought her other hand up to do the same thing on the other side. Celeborn's robes fell in a puddle around his feet, and she stood back to admire all of him. He was the perfect build that she loved in a man: not bulked up like Mr. Universe, but not too thin, either. Her gaze fell slowly from his face to his groin, and again she smiled.

Roselinde had yet to touch his sex, but Celeborn was clearly ready for more than just foreplay. And she was growing impatient. Foreplay can come later for all she cared. Reaching for his hand, she took charge and led him to the pool, then bent down to slide into the hot water. She went under the surface and came back up to look at him.

"I believe this was how you first found me, meleth-nin," she said, her voice low and husky with the desire she felt. And the words he used in his language rolled off her tongue with such a beautiful sound that she wanted to learn more. But later. "Join me?" She reached up to him with both arms. He needed no other persuasion, and she took a step back to give him room as he slid into the water to join her.

Again, he seemed a little hesitant, as if he were unsure about the reality of the situation. Roselinde made the first move, pressing her body against his, reaching down between them to touch the hard length of him. His breath came out in a sigh and he gripped her waist firmly. His blue eyes were darkened with lust, and maybe more than that, but Roselinde didn't have time to think about it. Celeborn lifted her up just enough so that she had to wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She felt the tip of his sex nudge at her entrance, and she whimpered a little bit.

"Please, Celeborn, don't make me wait," she breathed.

"As you wish," he responded as he guided himself inside her.

Roselinde was lost to him in that moment, and her head fell back as she accepted him deep within her. Celeborn filled her so completely, and stretched her inner walls a little more than she was used to, but it felt so good, she didn't mind the slight discomfort. A discomfort she liked more with every move he made. His hands gripped her backside to keep her close to him. The hot water splashed against her body above the surface, and underneath, it felt like it was trying to infuse its heat to add to her own. She held on tighter as he moved faster. How was it that she was already close to orgasm, and it wasn't but a few moments that he first entered her?

Her whimpers and moans drove him crazy, not to mention the fact that her inner muscles clenched hungrily around him. Roselinde was delightfully wild and uninhibited, and in just these past few moments, he was ready to release himself within her. Celeborn heard her breathing grow more erratic, as did his own, and what control he had was gone. He took his hands from her bottom and gripped her waist tightly as he thrust up inside her hard. Even as tight as she was, she took all of his length within her and that final thrust made her muscles clench tight around him. His Roselinde cried out his name as she reached her climax, and he followed her soon after, spilling his seed deep inside her.

They held onto each other tight as they collected themselves. He didn't want to leave the warmth of her body, and she was determined to keep him there, for she had yet to let go of him, inside and out.

"I woke from my dreams with the strongest need of you," she told him when she was able to speak again. "But I didn't have you there."

"You too?" He was astonished to hear that she woke the same way he did. "Sometimes I woke early, needing to relieve my craving for you." He kissed her heatedly, and then pulled away to look at her. "I hate to ask this now, but, is this to be our only time together?"

"No, Celeborn. If you want me to, I'll stay. Forever."


"Oh, yes. I felt like I've loved you all my life, and I'm not about to leave you now that we're together."

"Nor will I leave you. You have my heart, Roselinde. I love you."

"I love you, too."

He kissed her then, with such love and passion that she felt it deep within her soul. And she returned it. When he ended the kiss, he suggested they get out of the pool so he could make love to her properly and she agreed, albeit just a little reluctantly. Unwrapping her legs from around him, she felt him leave her and she felt cold, despite the hot water of the pool. Roselinde watched Celeborn as he lifted himself out of the pool with such grace and ease he captivated her. And she noticed he was erect and ready for her all over again, which was incentive enough for her to follow him out. He reached down to help her and she accepted his hand. She thought her exit was infinitely less graceful than his, but it didn't matter as soon as his arms were around her and his lips met hers with yet another kiss. She felt her feet coming up off the ground as he carried her a little farther from the pool. When he was once again still, and her feet firmly on the ground, the kiss ended and they sank down onto the ground.

"I am sorry I do not have anything more comfortable for us to lay down on," he murmured as he grabbed his robes and spread them out behind her. She laid back and he moved over her. "I was in a hurry to get here."

"It's okay," she said as she spread her legs wider for him. "Your robes are soft enough for me." She gasped as he entered her again.

Whatever she might've wanted to say to him was lost as he filled her completely. Celeborn took his time, withdrawing until just the tip remained inside her then pushing forward so slowly Roselinde thought she would fly apart at the seams. Her hands slid over his chest and she teased his nipples, and then he thrust deep, causing her to cry out with intense pleasure. Her voice echoed back to her from the walls of the grotto, and for only a moment she wondered if anyone would hear her. Another deep thrust and she didn't care if they did or not. He kept this slow, excruciatingly delightful pace for what felt like hours, and to add to her pleasure, his mouth came down on one of her breasts. Gods, he drove her crazy with his tongue as it circled her nipple, and he moved over to the other one to do the same thing. She arched her back and held onto him as if he were the only thing to keep her from falling or flying away.

Celeborn straightened up from tasting her breasts, moved her so that his arms were under her legs, and began to thrust faster. Her breathing was growing more erratic and shallow, and her body was glistening with both water and sweat from their lovemaking. He felt her inner muscles contract and relax around him, claiming him hungrily and yet giving him power over her. Her voice crying out his name was the most beautiful music he'd ever heard, and his voice joined hers several times. Just when he thought he would be alone forever, Fate sent Roselinde to him, and she commanded his attention to her as she held him tightly within her. She was coming closer to her orgasm, and he wanted to give her that release. He drove into her harder, searching to touch the one spot within her core that would send her over the edge. Deeper, harder, and a little faster, Roselinde could barely moan through her ragged breathing. And then, with another push, she cried out louder than before. Celeborn grinned as she writhed under him, arching her back and gripping his arms. Her inner muscles spasmed around him, and it was a long while before she came back down from her orgasm.

But he wasn't finished with her yet.

Roselinde knew he hadn't come with her. Her body was relaxed, and yet he still moved within her. He was either waiting for something, or he wanted to prolong the experience. Whatever his reason, she loved every moment of it. She loved Celeborn. None of her ex-lovers had ever made her orgasm that hard before. The intensity of the waves of her rapture pounded over her body like a raging surf. And still he moved, penetrating inside her as slowly as when he started, re-kindling the flames of her desire. Even as sated as she was, Roselinde wanted more. She needed more. Looking up into his eyes, she could see that he knew this, and he acted on it. Celeborn withdrew from her body and Roselinde moaned at the loss, once again thinking that never before had she felt this way with any of her ex-lovers. And now, he laid down beside her, guiding her with gentle hands so that she was spooned against his body. His hand paused on her hip for a few moments before slowly drifting downward to settle between her thighs. Roselinde grinned and parted her legs for him. Removing his hand, she felt him guide his still hard shaft to her throbbing core and push inside again, but he didn't move within her.

"Are you recovered, meleth-nin?" he asked, his hot breath tickling her ear.

"Yes," she whispered, and then he began to move. "You're tireless," Roselinde panted, grinding herself down against him as he thrust steadily into her. She meant it both as compliment and question, though she wasn't really expecting an answer.

"I cannot last much longer."

But words were once again unnecessary as they began climbing the heights of ecstasy. Celeborn held onto Roselinde, occasionally letting his hand roam her body, and cupping her breasts. The deeper he thrust into her warm and willing body, the more he lost his control. He went faster, and heard Roselinde voice as she moaned. This time, they would both come to completion a lot sooner than either of them thought. They cried out as their mutual orgasm swept over both of them, and Celeborn released himself deep within her again. She gripped his arm as he held her against him, and when it was over, they both collapsed in sated bliss.

With great reluctance, he pulled away from her, leaving the warmth of her body. Roselinde's eyes were closed, but he knew she was still awake, if only barely. Thoughts of taking her back to his house ran through his mind, but he didn't have the hear to ask her to get up when she looked so relaxed and serene here. The weather was quite pleasant tonight, the steaming pool of their grotto provided wnough warmth to ward away the chill; they could spend the night here in peace and relative comfort. He lovingly caressed her side, following the slender hourglass curve of her body down as far as he could reach and back again. An errant breeze disturbed the stillness of the grotto, and she shivered, her skin turning to goose-flesh.

"Do you want to stay here?" Roselinde asked him, though she didn't move.

"I was beginning to think you wanted to, meleth-nin."

"The thought did cross my mind, but I would rather sleep in a soft bed, and not on the hard ground." She turned over in order to look at him, and he saw her eyes glistening with unshed tears. Instantly concerned, he sat up and brought her with him.

"What is wrong, Roselinde? Why do you cry?" Celeborn was feeling more than just concern for the woman he fell in love with. He felt the stirring of insecurity that had been a part of his life since discovering Galadriel's infidelity. His mind kept trying to convince him that Roselinde's tears were his fault, that somehow he had hurt her. Yet his heart told him that he did nothing wrong and she loved him. How could it be anything else?

"I've never been so happy in my life, meleth-nin. You've given me something I've never known before," she assured him, letting the tears fall and wiping them away. Her words soothed him and his heart soared. Before she could utter another word, Celeborn gathered her up in his arms and kissed her with all the love and passion he felt for her.

When the kiss ended, they both got up and got dressed. They took turns brushing off any dust on their clothing, and laughed when the task seemed too futile to continue. Taking Roselinde's hand in his, Celeborn led her from their grotto, with promises made that they would return here as often as possible, and they walked all the way back to his home.


Este stood smiling as she watched the two lovers depart the grotto in her silver bowl of water. Though she had only watched them for the last few minutes, she knew enough from their body language that the two had made love. It made her feel good that Roselinde would be able to heal Celeborn's heart, and that Celeborn would be the one to complete Roselinde's soul. It also made her happy to know that she had guessed right about these two.

"Why the smile, mistress of water and dreams?" she heard Manwe ask. Turning toward his voice, she saw him standing in the doorway. He, too, wore a smile on his face.

"Come and see, my lord," she answered rather mystically, indicating the bowl.

Manwe came into the room and looked down at the pictures reflected on the water's surface. Celeborn and Roselinde were in his bedroom, and both were lost to each other in the throes of passion. Quickly, he averted his gaze, and Este's gentle laughter filled his ears.

"Can you not give them some privacy, Dream weaver?" he managed to choke out.

"I would not have thought you so easily embarrassed, Manwe," Este laughed again. She waved her hand over the bowl and the picture faded.

"I am not," he replied, breathing a sigh of relief. "But I do not think you would want others peering in on you and Irmo during a similar situation!"

"True," she conceded. A few minutes passed before she spoke again. "Well, my lord? What are your thoughts about Celeborn and Roselinde? Have we done well?"

"Well enough indeed, Este, but there are still some things that worry me."

"What things?" Both Manwe and Este looked up to see Varda coming in the room to join them.

"Well, Roselinde asked to return to set her affairs in order. I'm not quite sure that is a good idea anymore. I do not doubther abilities to not be seen, but there is the possibility that it could happen."

"Manwe, you worry too much," Varda huffed. "Roselinde will be going in the middle of the night while most of the town sleeps. She should know what part to avoid in order not to be seen."

"I agree, but it does not decrease my worry." He took a deep breath and paced off a few steps before turning to come back. "It needs to happen soon. The sooner, the better."

"I shall summon them within the next two days," Varda replied. Manwe shook his head.


"My lord! Can they not have a few nights together before we send her back?" Este protested.

"They will have all the days after to spend however they want. Summon them tomorrow." He turned and walked to the doorway, then stopped and looked back over his shoulder. "I do not want her going back alone, either."

With that, he left the two ladies to consider his words. Este's smile from earlier was gone and Varda didn't hide the worry she felt. Manwe did not say as much, but they suspected he knew something was going to happen. But he didn't say what, nor would he until whatever bothered him was resolved.

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