Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 21 - 4 frolicking Hobbits

3. Motherlode for Magpies - by Gwynnyd

Motherlode for Magpies

My wife loves bright things even more than I do, but there are places I never land, even when flashes of gold fly through the air and catch my eye as I glide overhead. The air feels lighter, and Oldest is near, so maybe, perhaps... bright things are so tempting. Circling lower, I look to see what tosses the gold, for the evil that dwells in the mound does not come forth in the bright sun.  

I back-wing in surprise.  I have seen much in my flights, but I have never before seen four naked Hobbits frolicking on the grass.  

'Run naked on the grass, while Tom goes a-hunting!'…
The hobbits ran about for a while on the grass, as he told them.

While they were eating Tom went up to the mound, and looked through the treasures. Most of these he made into a pile that glistened and sparkled on the grass. He bade them lie there 'free to all finders, birds, beasts. Elves or Men, and all kindly creatures';
   Fog on the Barrow-Downs, The Fellowship of the Ring

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