Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 18 - 7 soggy crebain

5. Untitled - by Wolfwind

It had been a long flight, but rest was in sight.  They wheeled around the clearing, checking for dangers.  Seeing none, the flock dove to land in the shallow stream.  Dancing lightly over the rocks, they spread their wings and dipped under the water.  They preened their wet plumage to restore the proper shade of black.

A hoarse croak alerted them.  Seven soggy crebain burst upward in a thunder of wings.  The eight dangled limply from the jaws of the wildcat.  They called threats, but she only stared up at them with burning eyes before melting back into the bush.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: HASA Workshop

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Completion: Ongoing Serial

Rating: General

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Original Post: 12/18/05

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