Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 15 - 10 wicked walkers

3. Willing Sacrifice - by Gwynnyd

Willing Sacrifice

They accepted the dangerous task, because tracking the intruders was an honor.  Taking turns creeping close at dawn and dusk, they overheard what they could, and reported it to the great, black birds that circled down each noon.

Ivy was eaten first, but she'd always been slowest.  As they days went by, Nettle, Thistle and Bindweed fell to the deadly elf arrows.  Bramble and Blackthorn shuddered as they heard their sisters' bones crack and their marrow greedily sucked.  It did not deter them from their job, but they too were spotted and taken.

Blackspot was more cautious, but clumsier. While following up the mountain, he walked too near a precipice and slid to his death when the ledge gave way.  The others saw his body tumbling end-over-end.

Before all was lost, Mistletoe and Nightshade took counsel, and went to find the wargs.  They headed to certain death in wolf teeth, unflinching and proud as they hurried away.

Thumper skulked as close to the Fellowship as he dared, waiting for the wargs to finish them off in the darkness.  He never saw the stalking elf, but, as he lay bleeding, he heard: "Look, Gimli, another rabbit with the same strange markings."

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