Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 8 - 17 cunning corsairs

4. Getting Ideas - by Gwynnyd

As the conference progressed, Yando studied the man seated across the table.  After reading the reports from the sixteen previous meetings where Denethor had been Gondor's representative, Yando knew that Umbar's policy of sending a different ambassador to every negotiation both annoyed Denethor and took a disproportionate share of the resources of Gondor's spies as Denethor sought to gain advantage by discovering whom he would be facing.

"Unfortunately, ships from Umbar have been seen raiding Gondor's coast," Denethor asserted.  

Assuming a concerned expression, Yando leaned forward to give an impression of sympathy.  "Pirates.  It is indeed hard when pirates raid freely. Umbar also suffers much from these attacks."

The man on Denethor's left, who had been introduced as Captain Thorongil, spoke abruptly.  "I saw the ships. They were identical to those that brought you here."

"Stolen."  Yando shook his head sorrowfully.  "Umbar has had many losses from these pirates.  As you have. But what can be done?"  

Yando tried his best to look bland but concerned as he carefully watched how this sally was received.  He doubted if this strategy would fool the Gondorians, but if they accepted his coming suggestion of a joint pirate patrol, Umbar might learn much.

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