Yule Mathom Challenge 2005

December 2 - 23 obstinate oliphaunts

6. Twenty-three Obstinate Oliphants - by Dean Maia of Este

Twenty-three Obstinate Oliphants

The Haradrim commander looked abashed as the Guard commander spoke to Faramir.

"I have known Ibmahem since the surrender. If he says he cannot control his beasts, I believe him."

Faramir looked at the swath of destruction the twenty-three Oliphants left behind them, then at the beasts themselves as they calmly ripped branches off trees and ate the leaves while ignoring the poking and prodding of the handlers.

"They do not leave because there is so much food here?" he asked.

"Yes my lord Steward. But Ibmahem requests some troops from us to help drive, we do nothing that will hurt man or beast."

Faramir watched one of the smaller Oliphants pull a tree up and sweep the handlers – gently - away with it.

"Very well, use as many men as you need. Just … do not make them mad.

The commander watched the Oliphant drop the tree. "We will not."

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