October 2005 Birthday Drabbles

October 2005 Birthday Collection

1. For Branwyn - Following in the Right Footsteps - by Gwynnyd

Time in the practice yard had paid off. Faramir's adolescent body was no longer gawky though his fingers were still ink-stained.  Boromir nodded his approval, passing a full mug of brew to his brother.

 "No thanks."

 Boromir gave an exasperated sigh and slowly shook his head.  "I thought you wanted to succeed in the guard."

 "You know I do." Faramir's head came up proudly.

 "Will you refuse to drink with your men?"

 "No, but…"

 Boromir overrode his protest.  "How will you know when to stop?  Have you ever been drunk?"

 "No, I…"Faramir squirmed.

 "Then drink.  Your true education starts today."

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Author: HASA Workshop

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