July 2005 Birthday Drabbles

Vilwarin's 2005 Birthday Presents

1. A Little More than Kin

"Aragorn called you 'kinsman'," Merry said. "Was that for courtesy?"

Halbarad smiled. "My father was brother to Aragorn's mother's mother." A hobbit at heart, to count his degrees so finely!

Merry saw the shrouded stone in Aragorn's lap, and thought of his cousin's mistake near Isengard last night. Surely Aragorn wouldn't...

"Kinsman, and friend," Aragorn put in. "You have supported me through many follies. Will you support me through another?" A pause: they seemed to speak without words.

After a moment Halbarad stood. "Gladly."

At least he won't face danger alone.

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