Lithe Challenge

Midsummer drabbles

1. Hazards of Patrol (Faramir)


It looked innocent and deserted, but caution was necessary. The old farmhouse's roof was half decayed and the walls buckled, but the door was still hinged in place and closed. Creeping catlike on elbows and knees, Faramir wormed his way closer, to see into the interior. He stilled in a clump of peony as he spotted a slouching shadow on the far wall. He fervently wished to identify the shadow as friend or foe, but tickling touches crept on his face and into his neck. Ants. Peonies always have ants. He quickly slid back out.

InstaDrabble words:

peony, slouch, catlike, fervour

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Author: Gwynnyd

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