Five Elements Challenge

In The Mines

5. Fire

I cannot believe the evidence of my eyes. My kin, cut down and cast aside like so much slag, left to rot here in the dark.

Many still hold weapons in their hands; many have been cruelly torn by strange claws, many -- O far too many! -- are not whole of body.

I burn to visit my wrath on those responsible. Give me a row of orc necks to hew, and they will see what price they must pay for slaughtering dwarves. They will see that they have not conquered every dwarf in Khazad-dûm.

If my companions do not wish to accompany me, then I will go alone, but there will be vengeance.

Perhaps this Ring which Frodo carries could be of help. Surely the wizard would allow my kin to be avenged.

Just for a moment; that is all the time I need borrow it.

Just a moment, to burn out the filth which has stolen this beautiful mountain and murdered my people.

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