HASA Birthday Card Challenge 2005

HASA Birthday Cards 2005

4. April

Nasira: I'm not picky about my drabbles. Whatever anyone comes up with will be just fine.

Mastery - Meril (half drabble)

And twenty-three and twenty-four...

Unraveling the crystal’s riddle has yielded dozens of failed attempts. Success is finite, and numerous scars now play across his hands: the flames are impartial and implacable masters. Knots of ruined gems mock him, and chant his failures for the world to hear.

Brilliant light…


Shadow975: I would love a Faramir/Boromir drabble, anything happy and brotherly, preferably when they're adults but as children is also fine. The only other request I have about it is that Denethor, if he's mentioned, isn't mean or abusive or a villain.

I'd also take a similar Aragorn/Boromir drabble, or a Denethor/Faramir, or Denethor/Thorongil (c'mon, you know they must've had some pleasant moments together), or Thorongil/toddler!Boromir. (The slash just indicates those are the two characters I'd like to see interacting, not that I'm looking for the smut (though any smut between unrelated adults would be quite welcome.))

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