43. Intimate Experiments

Intimate Experiments
          Legolas shifted again. The Twins grinned at each other while Gimli just huffed. It had been almost an hour since they had dragged Legolas back to his new talan and got him ready for the blood rites ceremony. They had waited while he had bathed and then changed into the ceremonial garb of white and silver that had been laid out for him. The material was the softest cloth the elves made and flowed around him like a cloud. The outfit consisted of a loose shirt held together by three ties and leggings held together at the waist with only one tie. The elf was barefoot and his hair hung free of his normal warrior braids. He looked stunning in the simple garb and seemed calm to casual gaze. Those with Legolas feared that a loud sudden sound might very well be the end of him! Nervous energy poured into the room from the waiting elf. The Twins had done all they could to calm their sworn brother, but to no avail. Gimli's gruffly muttered comment sent the Twins into a coughing fit to hide their hysterical laughter from Legolas who just shot blue daggers at the dwarf, "You would think the elf was the virginal bride and not the experienced warrior."
At the sound of the door to the talan opening, the Twins grabbed for the relieved elf as he tried to rush into the living area. "Oh no you don't, Prince of Mirkwood, your mate must have some time with her ladies in waiting before she is ready to greet you. Be patient awhile longer my friend. You will soon have that wildcat in your bed for the rest of eternity, so there is no need to rush the ceremony." Elladan said teasingly while settling the glaring elf back into his chair, as Gimli stood directly in front of the door just in case of an Elven escape attempt.
Thranduil snorted at the antics of his son. He was waiting to escort his wayward heir to meet his mate and had been enjoying the bantering between the Twins and the dwarf. Frowning at the dwarf, the king was sure the Valar were indeed trying the limits of his patience! He had always believed he had been raising a traditional warrior elf prince, but he realized he was sadly mistaken! His son was definitely not nearly as traditional as he had been while in Mirkwood's palace. Legolas had grown since his departure from their lands and though the King was proud of his son, the prince now confused him as well. He had always thought Legolas would settle down with a sweet shy noble's daughter or an Elven princess, raise a bunch of elflings and continue his duties in the royal court as well as with the Mirkwood Guardians. Now here his son stood, on the brink of final binding to a half Feline, half Istari ranger who was also the daughter of the wily wizard Gandalf. To top it all off his offspring was also claiming the DWARF Gimli, son of one of the nasty Dwarves that had escaped from the Mirkwood dungeon, as one of his closest friends! It was enough to make a monarch's head hurt.
Fire glared heatedly at the three maids that were trying to get her into the dress laid out for her. So far she had evaded them but they were persistent. The vile creatures had already stuffed her in a bath scented with herbs and essential oils against her wishes and scrubbed her to within an inch of her life. They had combed her hair dry to a gleaming sheen then had made the mistake of holding up the dress. Galadriel was slouched in her chair tears of laughter trailing down her pale cheeks, while Briar sat next to the Lady of Light grinning like an idiot. The sight of a furious and naked ranger trying to keep on the opposite side of furniture from a trio of vexed, but determined maids was beyond humorous. Finally cornered by the maid spawn of Mordor, Fire gave in, reluctant to actually hurt the fell creatures. Mumbling how Galadriel was going to pay for her devious deception, Fire allowed them to drape the simple, yet elegant dress over her head and secure the dress with a single tie on each shoulder. A wreath of golden Hydra flowers was placed on her head that matched the golden silk of her dress and made her hair shimmer like a splash of moonlight. The ranger was told she was all ready to greet her mate! Fire would have rather gone dancing with Orcs then step through the door in front of her!
"How can it possibly be taking this long?" The tortured lament came from a now pacing elf prince. He could feel Fire's anxiety rushing through him as well as her flat out annoyance. The elf had been getting flashes of his mate's feelings ever since she was brought into the talan and had become used to them by this time. "For Eru's sake, Elf take a seat before you wear yourself out! You will do your mate no good if you collapse from exhaustion before the ceremony is over." The dwarf said in an exasperated voice tinged with mirth.
Turning to glare at his amused friend, Legolas stopped dead and paled. Thranduil rose quickly and went to his son's side. The Mirkwood prince had a faraway look in his eyes that worried the king greatly. He had never seen his son act this way and it unnerved him greatly. The radiant smile that blossomed on the prince's face did nothing to wipe away his Ada's worried frown. In a soft voice full of emotion, Legolas whispered as if to him-self, "It is time. She is ready!" Blinking rapidly, the elf's focus came back to the room and his worried Ada's perplexed face. Still smiling happily, Legolas wrapped his arms around his Ada and hugged him fiercely. Sighing in relief, the King returned the hug in full measure. "Ada, I had given up hope that I would ever feel this way! I am so glad you accept my mate, for it means the world to me to have your blessing this night. She awaits us now!" the elf whispered softly.
The king was shocked by the realization of what his son had said, "How is it that you are feeling her emotions already? You should not even be able to sense such things before the binding is completed my son! This is highly unusual. How long has this been happening?" Grinning at the wonder in his Ada's sky blue eyes so like his own, Legolas told him quickly of all that had transpired over the last few weeks since the ranger's awakening. The king was amazed at the way the bond between his son and the ranger had grown so quickly. That the soul stones had activated without a formal declaration of love, melted what reserve the king had held for the ranger. The ranger would definitely give his son an adventurous life and Eru help him when the ranger and Legolas had elflings, for his realm might not survive the onslaught created by those two! "Well, my son, it seems your mate awaits you and it would be unaccountably rude to make her wait any longer. Shall we proceed?" The king said as he took his son's arm and stepped to the door. Gulping nervously Legolas peered into his Ada's face before nodding his agreement. The doors were opened by a silent grinning Gimli, while the Twins stood behind the King and Prince of Mirkwood as acting escorts to the royal house. With a deep breath Legolas walked into the bedchamber followed by his honor guard and caught sight of his mate for the first time.
Fire was dragged literally through the door by Briar. The glare she leveled on the sentinel should have turned Briar into a pile of ash on the talan floor. Frowning in lethal annoyance, the ranger swiveled her head back in the direction they were walking and skidded to a halt. Fire had walked into the bedchamber of the talan from the changing area in the kitchen, without realizing it. Her eyes widened as she took in the room. A hundred candles flickered brightly around the room illuminating the chamber. Food and wine graced a small table covered in white silk with Hydra petals sprinkled about the plates and bottles. A fire burned in the hearth adding to the light from the candles and leaving the chambers cozy and warm. The bed had been stripped of coverings save for the silken bottom sheet of soft green and was strewn with a generous amount of Hydra flower petals. Huge sweeping flower garlands hung strategically around the room, while a cozy quilt lay folded on a side table that stood by the bed. On the bed pillows lay two identical jeweled daggers of Elven make. An indrawn breath brought her vision to the door behind her.
 Legolas stood in the doorway transfixed by his mate. His eyes lingered over her flushed face before slowly traveling the length of her body. He found it hard to breath for the feelings of love and lust intermingled before slamming into his heart like a well aimed arrow. The candlelight danced across the ranger's face as she stood silently watching her mate with soft green eyes. The elf could see the uncertainty reflected in the green depths and it drove him forward into the room. Standing directly in front of her, Legolas reached out his hand to skim her cheek gently, Fire gave a tentative smile at the gentle caress as she stared up at her mate. Galadriel's voice broke through to the couple who seemed unaware of anyone but each other. Smiling indulgently, Galadriel motioned to the others in the room to take their appointed places for the ceremony.
Briar and the Twins came to stand by Fire while Aragorn, Gimli and Thranduil stood by Legolas. The rest of the Fellowship kept to the sidelines, as did Celeborn and Haldir's brothers, Orophin and Rumil. This was the true Binding ceremony which was only to be witnessed by very close friends and family. The intimacy of the ceremony was held sacred as the two joined in spirit to later be mirrored in flesh. Stepping forward Galadriel nodded to those watching, and then turned to the waiting couple. In her soft voice, Galadriel intoned the binding ritual. Aragorn and Gimli grasped Legolas' left wrist and held it steady. The Twins mirrored the action with Fire's right wrist.
"Gathered here in this most joyous occasion we bear witness of this act of binding. To the Valar and the One we beseech their blessing as the souls before us become as one. With pain we open the Door," taking the daggers that had been laying on the pillows, Thranduil cut across Legolas' left palm as Briar cut across Fire's right palm, "In blood they give of themselves to Eru the One. For love they have sacrificed their individual song that Eru blessed them with at birth. With the opening of the Heart's Door, they now cry out to Eru to create a new song that they can share in for all eternity and unto the ending of the world. Blood to blood may the will of the Valar be done. Bind together souls as their blood flows freely to mix together in perfect harmony. Let the closing of the Door be seen in the closing of the wounds. May the Valar shine the light of everlasting love upon the couple before us so we may witness for all to know. Haldir as emissary of the Valar, you must now bind their hands so Eru may bless their union and create a new song out of their old."
Stepping back to allow Haldir to move to the couple's side, Galadriel smiled at her own mate with twinkling eyes. Thranduil and Briar bowed low to Haldir, then to those holding the wrists of their respective family member before moving to stand by the other witnesses. Legolas' left palm was pressed tightly to Fire's right palm as the Guardians of Souls held their wrists unmoving. As Emissary to the Valar, Haldir began to bind their hands together as he intoned, "If their love be worthy, let their hearts beat as one and their combined song begin anew." The Guardians released the couple's wrists, bowed to Haldir and went to stand by the other Witnesses as well. Placing his hands on the outside of the joined palms, the March warden looked at Legolas, then Fire. He smiled encouragingly before calling out to Eru, "By Eru's will, shall you be bound with love to last eternity." Bowing Haldir made his way to the others.
The elf and ranger gazed it to each others eyes as their blood combined. There was a slim chance Eru would not give his blessing and so all waited in hope for an unblessed binding ending in the death of both participants. A sigh of relief was echoed by all when they saw the clasped hands begin to pulsate in a soft purple glow. The light drifted up their arms and slowly traversed their entire body while it changed hues from the purple to red to orange to green to blue. A soft gasp was torn from the couple as images tumbled through their minds.
Fire watched a much younger Legolas stood mutely as a woman's pyre is lit, trying to learn archery with a bow too big, him as an elfling being chased by his laughing Ada, seeing him sitting quietly at a window gazing out across a beautiful, yet dark forest, friends dancing around a campfire, tears running unheeded as a fallen friend is buried, Aragorn smiling and drinking, running down the halls of the Last Homely House with the Twins, with Lord Elrond and Glorfindel in hot pursuit, Giant spiders coming in droves, the hobbits sword fighting, Gandalf's fall, herself as she lay unconscious in her talan in Lothlorien and finally her sitting laughing in the waterfall covered in mud.
Legolas saw a beautiful forest with a small cabin nearby where three young girls danced under the moonlight laughing, an old woman with dark sparkling eyes, Briar much younger as she setup an archery target, a dark haired young girl with lavender eyes that twirled in a circle while her sisters looked on in delight. Then a darkness lit by lightning and rain that poured down on the unmoving body of the dark haired young girl her lavender eyes no longer watchful, Briar beaten and broken within a circle of men, the Twins running through Imlandris with Fire giving chase, a ranger camp, him at the Council of Elrond then under the rock before they climbed the mountain, him in Moria being tended for the warg wound, Gandalf's fall, Legolas' voice whispering softly that he had missed the ranger, the morning courting ritual of flower and fruit return, him sitting in a tree watching Fire sing.
When the elf and ranger were completely covered in the light, it suddenly flared brilliantly white before settling into a soft golden glow. As quickly as it came the glow was gone. Legolas and Fire shivered as the memories abated. Moving forward to the couple, Haldir unbound their palms and turned them so the witnesses could see the matching scars that they would carry unto the ending of the world. "In spirit they have been bound. A new song has awakened in their hearts to bring great joy and love for all eternity. Let us depart now so they may become one in flesh as they have already become one in spirit. We will feast again when the binding is complete. We your honored witnesses take our leave from you now. The Nectar of Life has been left for the duration of your binding. You will need no more then your love and the nectar to sustain you. Blessed be." Everyone filed out the door with wide happy smiles.
They stood side by side each afraid to move. Now that they were alone, the couple each awaited the next move from the other. A groan of irony was the first sound to disturb the silence. The ranger watched as Legolas shook his head in dismayed amusement. The expressions flitting across the elf's face combined with the feelings that twisted between them made the ranger smile at her mate. She could feel both his need and his love as it warred with a nervousness she found endearing. Deciding one of them had to make a move or they would probably stand there until the next age, Fire reached out trustingly and placed her hand in the elf's. The relief she felt sweep through her from her mate made Fire bolder and she moved closer to the elf. She looked deep into her mate's eyes with a shy smile. "If you are only half as nervous as I then we may be here for eternity trying to figure out who should make the first move." Fire whispered softly. The humor enveloped them for a moment before the elf wrapped his arms around his mate and rested his head on top of her head.
"Are you sure you are ready for this?" the elf asked. The snort of humor and her words made him grin, "If I can face a horde of Orcs I should be able to face my binding night. I am holding you to your word Elf!" Legolas leaned down and took Fire's lips in a gentle kiss. "Aye little one, I will hold firm to my word! You, on the other hand, are free to do as you please to me, for you have not made a bargain with me about your behavior this night!" The wicked grin that broke out on the ranger's face gave the elf pause, but the look of mischief bode well for the night's activities.
The elf and ranger clung to each other for comfort as well as for the delightful feel of their mate's form. Sighing in happiness, Legolas drew back slightly to look upon his contented but still nervous mate. The love in her beguiling green eyes melted the elf's nervousness and stirred up a wave of heated desire. Sliding his hand up her back, Legolas marveled at the way she leaned into him at the slightest touch of his hand. Dipping his head lower, the elf left a warm wet trail of kisses along the side of the ranger's neck. Fire's soft purr of desire spurred the ranger's hesitant mate to explore her further.
The feel of Legolas' warm mouth along the side of her neck made Fire's head spin slightly. A delighted purr made its way out of her throat before she could stop it. The heat of his hands slowly gliding over her back and shoulders through the thin silk made her shiver with desire. Heat welled up as his hot mouth moved along her collarbone and gently lower. Her eyes went wide as she felt his hand make its way slowly along her waist and move upward. He gently skimmed his hand across her breast making her gasp with pleasure. She could feel his smile against her neck at the sudden sound of pleasure she made. The gasp turned to a startled moan as his kisses trailed lower still and his thumb slid over her sensitized nipple. Fire swayed into the elf as desire crashed into her. Legolas continued his sensual assault on the ranger as his mouth grew bolder still.
Gracefully dropping to his knees, the elf blazed a path of wet heat. The soft mewing sounds the ranger made enflamed his blood and gave him the encouragement he needed to pursue more intimate caresses. Wrapping one hand around the back of her thighs to keep her from falling as her knees weakened, Legolas allowed his other hand to leisurely explore his mate at will. Fire arched against him as the elf gently took her nipple into his mouth and pulled gently on it through the now wet silk. Fire grabbed his shoulders in order to not collapse to the floor as her knees threatened to give way. The pleasure coiled deep within her and spun a web of lust that was overwhelming in its intensity. The feel of teeth and tongue on the sensitive flesh made Fire growl low in her throat in encouragement and need. She whimpered in distress as her mate abandoned his prize only to have her gasping and arching anew when he lavished the same attention to the other nipple. His free hand slid down from her waist and mapped the contours of her legs until finally sliding beneath the silken material to feel the flesh below.
As he moved his hand along the satin curve of her calf, Legolas felt her tense slightly. Pressing a light kiss against her stomach, the elf let his had trail back down and then up again to allow Fire to get used to the feel of his flesh on hers. Every time he slid his hand up, he moved a little higher on her leg. By the time he was running his hand up the outer edge of her thigh, Fire was trembling so hard the elf could barely hold her upright. Her cries of need echoed the moans in the elf's throat at the satin feel of his mate's skin against his hand. His urge to take her right there on the floor broke through the fiery desire that ran thickly in his veins. Sliding back up his mate's body and regaining his feet, Legolas once more began kissing a path along her neck to first one shoulder then the other. He used his teeth to pull loose the ties holding her gown up until the straps gave way and the dress slithered to the floor unheeded. The elf eyed his mate's glorious state while Fire blushed furiously under his scrutiny. "So beautiful," he whispered to her tenderly, "so desirable you are my love. Oh little one you have no idea how much I have longed to hold you thus. You haunt my dreams and steal my thoughts as no other ever has. I love you beyond measure my mate." Lifting Fire into his arms, the elf  bore her to their binding bed and laid her gentle down among the Hydra flower petals.
Fire lay back against the pale green sheet surrounded by the fresh scent of the Hydra flowers. She had eyes only for her mate as he began unlacing his shirt. As the first tie came free, the ranger could not stand the forced distance her mate had imposed for him to undress. Getting to her hands and knees, the ranger stalked her mate with gleaming eyes alight with longing and lust. Reaching her mate, who had paused in untying his shirt when she began to move towards him so unexpectedly, Fire hesitantly put a hand to his chest and slid it up into his hair. Grabbing a handful of golden silk, Fire pulled herself up until she was chest to chest with her mate. Moving on pure love and instinctive lust, the ranger licked a path in agonizing slowness from his neck to his ear. The feel of her warm, wet questing tongue made the elf tremble with hot pulsing need, but he held himself in check allowing his mate full access to whatever part of him she wished to claim. When her teeth scraped along his ear in a gentle caress, the elf's knees almost gave way. Shuddering in intense pleasure, Legolas tried to focus on maintaining some semblance of control. What his mate was doing was driving the elf half out of his mind, but he was loath to stop the heady assault.
Her inquisitive fingers manipulating, with some difficulty, the ties to his shirt made the elf groan aloud. The sultry look his mate gave him made desire flow through his veins like lava; thick and hot. As the ties fell free, Fire allowed her lips to follow the path from his ear down his neck to the skin she was exposing on his chest. When the ties came undone, the ranger pushed the offending fabric off her mate's shoulders. The shy, appreciative gaze that roamed the elf's now unclothed chest was accompanied by a groan of need that trickled out of the aroused ranger's throat unbidden. She ran her hands lightly over the expanse of his chest with her hands, only to follow her hands with a decidedly eager mouth. Fire licked her way over her mate's hard muscled frame stopping to lavish the same kind of  attention on the elf's nipples that he had done to hers. Nipping lightly she drew a ragged moan from the elf. Her confidence soared at the sounds of pleasure Legolas made at her touch. Impatient to have him fully exposed to her avid gaze, the ranger reached for the tie holding his leggings. Her hands shook slightly at her bold actions, but the ranger seemed incapable of stopping herself nor did she truly want to.
Undoing the single tie that held the leggings in place, Fire shyly helped her mate push the silken fabric over his hips to pool on the floor at his feet. Her eyes went wide as saucers and a blush stained her face from cheeks to ears at the wondrous sight of her mate. As she took in his lithe warrior's form, Fire fought to relearn to breath. He was beyond glorious and Fire could not help but drag her nails lightly down his body from chest to knees marking him as hers. The elf moaned deeply at the erotic feel of his mate's nails as they left a faint red line that she followed with gentle lips. Knowing  that he would not last much longer under the ranger's intimate actions, Legolas eased the ranger onto the bed and followed her down to the soft flower covered sheet.
Fire looked up at the elf with such trust that it allowed him to regain a slight amount of control. Taking her lips in a searing kiss, Legolas traced heated patterns across her stomach with one hand while he buried his other hand in a tangle of moonlight hair. Fire's head fell back baring her neck to the elf as they broke from the kiss. He began a leisurely exploration of his mate pulling moans from deep within her. She shifted into his touch as the elf slid his hand lower. When he eased his hand between her thighs, Fire was so startled by his action that she pulled away like a scalded cat. Eyes wide and wary, the ranger watched her mate as he smiled at her reaction from across the bed.
 Her innocence was blaringly obvious by her suddenly shy and wary demeanor. Legolas reached out to silently reassure his mate with a sweet kiss and gentle touches along her waist and hips. Gingerly shifting closer to the elf, Fire tried to relax again in her mate's embrace. Whispering softly to Fire, Legolas tried to calm the sudden fear, "Do not be a feared little one. I did not mean to spook you so. I will refrain from touching you thus, until you are ready. Relax my love for I will not harm you. Only pleasure do I mean to bring to you this night and all nights unto the ending of the world." Recovering some of her confidence at the elf's declaration, Fire placed her hand onto her mate's chest and allowed her instincts to guide her again though at a slower pace then before.
As her blood began to heat up again, the ranger's caresses grew bolder. The steamy kisses melted her resistance and made her crave the touch of his hand against her skin. Desire boiled higher as her restless hands began exploring Legolas in more intimate ways. She was intoxicated by the feel of his skin gliding like satin covered Mithril under her hands. Lust curled like a live thing low in her body, making her twist wildly under the experienced elf's sensual ministrations. With each grazing of teeth and tongue upon her heated flesh, Fire allowed him more direct access to previously untouched areas of her body. When he slid his hand unhurriedly towards her thighs once more, Fire arched into his intimate exploration with a guttural moan of sheer desire.
Allowing his fingers to tentatively caress her heated flesh, Legolas captured the ranger's lips as her soft cries of pleasure increased. Passion clouded Fire's green eyes turning them nearly black as she became nearly mindless with need. When the elf's mouth replaced his hand at the apex of her thighs, the ranger whimpered then cried out his name completely oblivious to all save her mate's fiery assault. She bucked wildly beneath his tongue and teeth as passion spiraled higher. Knowing his mate was very close to coming to completion, Legolas ceased his intimate caress and licked his way back up to Fire's mouth. Positioning himself between her thighs, the elf swept the ranger up in another steamy kiss, before warning her gently, "Little one when I join with you this first time, there may be some pain. I will take you gently to minimize your discomfort. Will you trust me in this my mate? If you need more time you have but to ask."
 Looking into the concerned and loving indigo eyes of her mate, Fire replied huskily, "Aye Legolas I trust you. Make me yours forever more." Needing no other encouragement, the elf slowly claimed his mate. As he felt the resistance of her maidenhead, Legolas stop moving and whispered tenderly, "With this act I do claim thee as my eternal soul mate." Pushing quickly forward, the elf breeched Fire's innocence. A sharp intake of breath was all the sound the ranger made. Holding still within her, the elf rested his forehead against the ranger's. "Are you alright little one? Was the pain so bad?" The curious frown of the ranger in response to his query, perplexed the elf. He almost choked on his laughter at her disappointed sounding voice as she answered, "So that is all there is to it?? With what we were doing before I thought there would be more. Can we go back to the other part now?"
Taking his time, Legolas began to again explore his mate while trying to control the need to move within her. As Fire sighed against his mouth the elf whispered in a low strained voice, "Oh little one, there is so much more I would show you, but I need to go easy this first time so you will become accustomed to our joining. Relax and let me show you how it can be between us." Fire's answer was a soft whimpering moan of desire as the ranger's passion rose anew. Setting an easy rhythm with his body, Legolas began to gently move within her.
Fire turned restless under the slow and tender attack on her senses. Growling in frustration, the ranger bit into his shoulder urging the elf to increase the maddening pace he had set. Chuckling in delight at his mate's very wanton demand for satisfaction, Legolas changed his movements and quickened their pace. The mindless sounds his mate was making had him inflamed by desire and her kisses pushed aside all rational thought. Breaking off another heady kiss, the ranger clutched the elf to her raking her fingers and nails down his back in desperation. With a breathless throaty moan, Fire called to her mate nearly begging him for relief from the storm of pleasure, "Legolas please.. I need… I want … oh please.. please" reacting to his mate's plea the elf changed rhythm again whispering in an amused, yet husky voice, "Patience my lusty one. We will dance upon the stars soon enough." Anything more the elf would have said was cut off by the ranger's demanding kiss. She writhed wildly beneath him as she neared her peak. Legolas forced himself to hold back his painful need until he felt Fire come undone. The ranger cried out Legolas' name in a strangled sob before fastening her teeth in the elf's shoulder drawing a small amount of blood in her violent release. The elf echoed her cry as their release of pleasure rolled simultaneously through them. Each could feel the other's passion explode then calm to a languorous contentment.
Sighing in happiness, Legolas rolled to his side bringing the now sated ranger with him. He was amazed at the peacefulness that now crowded in on his soul as he snuggled the ranger more firmly against his body. Fire lazily ran her hand across his chest with a muted purr. Finding his voice, the elf kissed the top of his mate's head, "Are you alright little one?" The cheeky grin that the ranger bestowed on her mate matched the teasing tone of her voice, "I believe so, though I am not sure. We most definitely have to try that again so I may have a more enlightened answer for you. Though I think I may need a small nap before anymore activities are instigated this night, my mate." The small yawn she tried to bury in his chest, made the elf smile indulgently. "Aye little one, I believe a nap would be a good idea. The thought of awakening to the feel of you beside me, warms my soul. Drift now my love, for we have all night." With a last tender kiss the newly bonded couple drifted happily into reverie.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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