34. Turning Tables and Tiny Tantrums

Turning  Tables and Tiny Tantrums
          Tables: Most of the time you hear the word 'Table', you think of a flat surface with four or more legs attached. This most definitely IS a table, but it is also a word contained in an old saying, "and the Tables were turned" This means that, although you have done a misdeed, the person, to whom you had done this bad thing to, is currently hiding the fact they have also erred against you. When the truth comes to light, the only thing you can do is smile evilly and say "Well I see the Tables have turned." This brings on swift forgiveness of your transgressions.
          Briar sat in the border guard talan thinking about her life in general and Haldir in particular. The day was slowly darkening to dusk and Briar was off duty until the morning. She jumped when a voice broke into her thoughts. *Briar are you busy?* Grinning, Briar concentrated on Fire's voice. *I am off duty until morning. What is troubling you?* A short silence met her inquiry, before the soft voice floated back through her mind.
*Briar, I do not know what to do with this situation, I find myself in. Never did I see myself bonded to another, yet in less then a years time, I will be Legolas' mate forever. Part of me is joyous that he will be mine, but another part wants to run screaming into the night never to return. Should I go to Legolas and talk to him or should I wait until he searches me out? I would rather face all the fell creatures of Middle Earth, then one idiot elf!!!
*Ty this is love. When it comes down to it, you are totally lost, because you can not fight, maim or kill it with your bare hands. You have to forget the past and embrace the future with your whole heart. At least it is the golden Prince that has captured you and not the Dwarf!*
*Briar, leave Gimli be!! He is a good friend to me and as such you will refrain from insulting him! Anyway it is not Legolas' looks that have caught my regard, it is his words and actions, that I see, when he is near.*
*Words and actions! Have you gone blind, TY?? Do not tell me he does not make your mouth water and your heart race every time you see him, or I will call you a liar!*
*I said he caught my regard, not by his looks! Though he definitely is easy on the eyes as well!*
*Ha! Caught you! Ogling the elf are you??*
*Oh yes you have now been found out! You lust after the delicious Prince of Mirkwood!*
*What do you mean DELICIOUS!!!  He is My mate, so cast your eyes in some other ellon's direction!*
*Ty, you jealous Feline! Never thought I would see the day!*
*Oh you are impossible! I am leaving you, Briar! Hope Haldir lets you off pots sometime this century!!*
          Briar grinned, as Fire broke mind contact with her. It had always been thus between the two of them; Fire the protector and Briar the heart giver. She just could not wait to see how Fire would adapt to being a mate. Eyes narrowing thoughtfully, Briar reached out with her mind to the elf mate in question. Smiling wickedly, Briar breezed her voice through the elf's own mind; making the poor elf jump.
""Legolas! I know you do not know of me, but I am very close family to Princess Tygera. I wish to ask you of your feelings for her, as she is greatly distressed, by the turn of events. She keeps her heart locked away, yet it seems as if you have found the key. I wish to find out, if you are worthy of her. I ask only one thing, but do not lie for I will know. Do you love Tygera with all that you are? "", Briar asked.
Legolas, Aragorn and Galadriel headed towards Fire's talan. The others had split off, so the three could speak to the ranger. Legolas was a bit upset, now that he had a chance to think about it. That Fire would endanger both their lives, like she had, surprised the elf. Here she was furious at him, for trapping her in a year long betrothal, followed by a binding ceremony. She, on the other hand, had escalated the events, so they would now have to bind, as soon as possible, or risk death. He wanted Fire, as his mate, but he had expected to at least have the year, in which to woo her. They were still learning about each other at this stage and the ranger was still skittish around him. Had she done it on purpose? The Elven Prince sincerely doubted it, but she should not have healed him in such a manner without knowing the consequences. He was willing to forgive and forget if Fire would forgive him as well. Legolas prayed Fire's reaction would not be life threatening! She surely was a handful at times!!
Just as the three started up the stairs to the ranger's talan, Legolas heard a voice in his head. The elf was so thunder-struck, he missed the stairs and nearly walked into the tree. His two companions were concerned as they observed him staring into at nothing with a hard frown. It was not a normal reaction for an elf and Aragorn worried the strain of the last few days had finally taken its toll on his best friend.
""It is only because you are family of my mate, that I do not throw you from my mind!! I will answer your question, as I answer all questions; truthfully. Yes! I love Tygera beyond all thought and reason. For over 3000 years, I have guarded my heart well. Yet your kin stole my heart from me, as skillfully as she stole my arrow, upon our first meeting. It was not my intention, to force her to accept me. The necklace was a token from my heart. A promise of my future pledge, should she allow me the honor of being her mate. I did not believe there was any danger, of the stones activating, as Fire only showed a small amount of trust in me. If I had known of how deeply her feelings had grown, I would have explained to her about the necklace, before I bestowed it on her. I care not if you approve or disapprove! She is mine, as I am, forever, hers! I would have welcomed the year's betrothal, but circumstances deem it otherwise. As her kin, you should be ready to help with the binding rites, for they will be performed sooner then anticipated. I am informing her of this change as soon as I reach her talan. Now if you will excuse me, my mate awaits me. ""  Legolas thrust Briar from his mind; not knowing of the satisfied grin the sentinel had upon her lips.
Seeing the concerned faces directed at him, Legolas gave a small smile. "It seems that Fire has a family member, here in Lothlorien, who was very concerned, with our quick betrothal. I informed her of my intent and bade her to be ready, should Fire wish her to be part of the ceremony. She said that Fire is distressed with all that has happened. I can not help, but wonder, what her reaction will be to this new development, in our situation.", the elf said in a soft, yet firm tone, before continuing up the stairs to his mate's talan.
For the third time, Fire's voice rang out through the door, "I'm sorry, but I can't come to the phone right now. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will get back to you later! BEEP!" The dead silence that followed her pronouncement was satisfying in Fire's current mental condition. The elf would not take "GO AWAY!" for an answer and continued to knock on the door of her talan. She had heard the puzzled words muffled through the closed and barred door. "What is a phone?" The sheer perplexity of the statement, made by a baffled Aragorn, nearly made Fire roll off the cozy chair she was huddled in. She was damned if she was going to speak to anyone, until the morning; so Legolas could just come back! Settling more comfortably, into the light blanket, she had thrown over herself, Fire prepared to wallow in self pity, before sliding into reverie. With the banging on her talan subsided, the ranger smirked at the door, thinking she had won her nights peace finally.
Legolas glared at the offensive door as if it was an Orc. The ranger's attitude had begun as irritating, but now it was full fledged hostility that shot daggers at the door from indigo eyes. With a finger on his lip to silence the other two, the elf motioned with his hands for them to stay at the front of the door. Disappearing as quietly as a wraith, Legolas nimbly climbed up the tree, he had become very friendly with, on his morning jaunts to Fire's balcony. Slipping silently through the branches he took a deep breath, and then leaped to the ranger's balcony. Landing with barely a whisper of sound, Legolas smiled, a very wicked smile, before nonchalantly strolling through Fire's bedchamber and into her living area. The sight of her cuddled into a blanket, with only her eyes peeking out, made her look like an innocent elfling. Giving himself a few moments, to enjoy the sight of his erstwhile mate, Legolas leaned his lithe frame against her bedchamber door.
Fire rested her head against the arm of the chair. She had snuggled under the blanket to think about the whole strange predicament she found herself in. A sigh left her lips, as she came to terms, with the undeniable fact; she loved the idiot elf. A silly grin split her face, as she thought about the Prince of Mirkwood. He was a bit hot headed, but she liked that about him. Most elves, she had found, were rather dull, scholarly, or pretentious. It was one of the reasons, she had taken such a liking to Elrond's sons. They were wild and wicked, but so much fun to play with! After she had been found by Glorfindel, Fire had refused to talk to anyone. The only way anyone knew she could talk, was when they heard her singing to the stars. She had trained hard those first few years. Learning the weapons of death was one thing she had been exceptionally good at. It had taken the twins almost a year to get her to speak to them, and it was only because they had dyed her hair a lovely green color; to match her eyes they had said. After that it had become a war zone in Imlandris. Poor Elrond never knew what to expect from her, but he definitely knew what to expect from his sons; anything was possible with them.
She had a particular affinity for Elrohir. Many were the times that Elladan found her curled up asleep in his twin's arms. Their coloring made them complete opposites, yet they fit in a way that defied reason. She was the moon, with her silvery, white hair and he was the dark, shadowy night, with his black hair that held her aloft. Fire had always wondered why she could not love her best friend, Elrohir. The unexpected feelings Legolas invoked, from the moment she set eyes on him at the council, had only grown stronger with time. Fire sighed deeply and murmured aloud, "Ah Elrohir, I miss you so."

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