Aragorn Poetry Writing Challenge

Kingly Poetry

1. Kingly Poetry

It was already very late when the Steward of Gondor opened the door of the King’s study. He had just finished his reports and was sure that Aragorn would appreciate finding them lying on his desk in the morrow.
When he laid the stack of paper on the smooth wooden surface, a single parchment caught his eye. Fighting with his curiosity and loosing, he sat down and began to read.

My lovely Undómiel,

Thank you for the love that puts a smile on my face,
Thank you for the love I see in your gaze.
Thank you for the love that makes me not despair,
Thank you for your love o lady fair.

When you smile my sorrows are no more,
When you smile I see the hope you bore
In a dark and hopeless time
Before I ever made you mine.
When you smile all sadness goes away,
When you smile my heart could sing all day.

Your voice is music to my ears
Your voice erases all my fears.
The stars in the heavens high above,
Glow dimly compared to your love.

You are the reason why I live,
You are the one I find peace with.
You are the one who sweeps away my fears,
With you I am not ashamed of tears.

When I am not with you my life is empty and grey,
When I am not with you nothing is gay.
When I am with you I can never be alone,
When I am with you I feel at home.

You show me the stars in one single kiss,
You show me that there is naught that I could miss.
I love you when you name the stars for me,
I know that with you my life will never be empty.

You are in my life the guide,
In the darkness you are the light.
You are the one who holds my heart,
Without you my world would fall apart.

My heart swells with love when you walk by,
And every morning I will desperately try
To snatch another kiss of goodbye
Before the work my hands will tie.

My heart finally found its rest,
And I know this place is the best.
For you hold it every day,
And never will my love fade away.

In eternal love, Estel

Faramir put the poem quickly down again. He could feel himself blush and felt a bit guilty at having read such a very private thing. Some things were just not his to know and he wondered what his father would have said about his son's behavior. But interesting it was all the same, for who would have thought the King to be such a romantic poet.

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