The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

20. Chapter 19: Perception

Over the next two days he learning a little about cooking, he helped measure and pout ingredients for receipts and he stirred batter for cakes and cooking and what ever didn't have to be cut or heated. Thranduil had the time of his life. Galadriel watched him and smiled the Twins meanwhile were starting to tease him. That is after they were let out of being grounded

“Ha-ha-ha Thranduil is a she-elf” said Elrond.

Thranduil looked like he was going to cry.

“Galion cooks and he's an elf!” he said. The twins laughed even more.

“Elrond and Elros Peredhel, you will apologize to Thranduil immediately,” said Celeborn the twins immediately did so.

“Sorry Thranduil” they said Thranduil hugged them both.

Celeborn lost the frown he had “Do you want to go outside and hang out with the trees “ asked Elrond.

“Nana, may I go outside with Elrond and Elros?” asked Thranduil.

“Of course you may.” said Galadriel.

“Thank you, Nana,”said Thranduil who then went followed the twins outside, the trees whispered when he came outside

Hello trees! said Thranduil.

Hello elfling said the trees

May I climb in your branches today? asked Thranduil.

Come on up said the trees Thranduil began to climb into the tall Lorien trees, which were taller than the ones in Lindon or Greenwood and which Celeborn thought Thranduil was too little to climb yet. Actually he though he was too little to climb trees unsupervised period. It was just that Thranduil didn't know, because Oropher had not cared. Celeborn came out

“Thranduil!” he said Thranduil turned around,

“Yes, Ada.” he said

“Please come down, your too young to be up there on your own,” said Celeborn

“But, I was allowed to climb trees before,” said Thranduil confused

“Yes well before someone didn’t think you might get hurt.” said Celeborn.

Thranduil went to Celeborn. “The trees said it would be ok,” said Thranduil innocently.

“Hmm they are not your Adar,” said Celeborn.

“Are you angry with me? “ asked Thranduil softly.

“No,” said Celeborn. “Your nana wants you.”

“Ok,” said Thranduil as he went to find Galadriel. The twins took that as a sign they should leave too. As soon as all elflings were out of ear shot Celeborn spoke with the trees.

What did you think you were doing letting him climb you! he said with a frown The trees where taken aback and didn't know how to respond.He's too little said Celeborn The trees where surprised as most Lorien elflings who were too little knew better than to try. Celeborn shook his head, then explained to the trees about Thranduil's life before coming here. The trees where shocked.

We don't understand, he's such a nice little elfling, and he asked so politely. said a tree We though from his manners he had to be much older than you say he is

Unfortunatly not said Celeborn. It's taken him a while even to feel comfortable talking.

We will look out for him, promised the trees.

Hanna le said Celeborn.

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