The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

15. Chapter 14 Snuggle Bunny

Galadriel sat in her work room surrounded by cloth, thread and stuffing. Thranduil had come to Lothlorien with little more than the clothes he wore. His only passions were just enough to keep up appearances of being cared for. He had three chances of everyday clothes, one formal outfit, a few books and a mithril circuit as a sign of his being a prince. Galadriel decided to make some clothes for him, but first she would have to measure him.

“I wonder if Thranduil has ever had any toys,” she thought as she stitched pieces of fabric together and filled it with soft stuffing . “Every child needs a comfort object.”

When she was done she went to the healing rooms where Celeborn was just finishing up with Thranduil.

“How fares the elfling, beloved?” she asked/

“He is healing both in body and heart,” said Celeborn. “The heart will take longer to heal. He blames himself of Celedulan’s death.”

“I feared as much,” said Galadriel. Then she turned to the elfling. “Thranduil I have a surprise for you.”

The elflings eyes lit up as if they were stars. He hopped down from the examining table and hurried to where Galadriel stood. Galadriel gave him a the bunny she had made from cloth and stuffy. It was cuddly and soft to the touch. It has black button eyes and a pink button nose.

“I made you your very own snuggle bunny,” said Galadriel.

“Thank you, my nanny gave me a snuggle bunny a long time ago, but Oropher burnt it,” said Thranduil.

“No one is going to take this bunny from you,” said Galadriel. Galadriel hugged Thranduil as he snuggled into her arms.

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