The Forgotten Ones

Sworn Brothers

13. Chapter 12: Trust

The next morning Thranduil was surprised to find himself in Elros’s bed, lying in his arms. He was certain that he had gone to sleep in his own bed. His dreams were another riddle. He had dreamt that he was back in Greenwood and was running from Oropher. Then he felt himself being picked up by a person he couldn’t see. At first he thought it was Oropher, but then the person carried him gently somewhere and sat down and comforted him. When Oropher showed up, the person made him go away, then sang to him in a form or elvish he didn’t recognize.

“Good morning, Mellon, did you sleep well?” asked Elros.

“I am rested, but I had a strange dream?” said Thranduil. Thranduil told him about the dream

“Last night you were crying in your sleep, so I sang a lullaby Maglor used to sing to us before the war of Wraith,” said Elros. “Then I put you in my bed and stayed with you during the night. I thought you did not need to be alone. Elrond and I shared the same bed until twenty years ago. Gil-Galad is talking about putting us in separate rooms. Though I fear someday we may be parted by a far greater distance.”

“Why?” asked Thranduil. “You are both elves.”

“We are half elves,” said Elros. “And a choice was appointed to us at the end of the First Age. We must choice to be judged either as Edain or Eldar. Elrond’s heart is with the Eldar. I long to join the Edain headed for Numenor.”

“No you cannot, please do not leave me,” said Thranduil.

“Fret not, my majority is another 50 years away,” said Elros. “Elrond and I will be here for a month, then we must return to Lindon. Lindon is our home. Just as Lothlorien is now your home,” Thranduil calmed down as a month seemed like an incredibly long time to him.

When Elrond woke, Elros was dressing Thranduil and Thranduil was protesting that he could dress himself. Elrond laughed and got dressed. When they got to the table Thranduil sat down between Celeborn and Galadriel.

“Can I call you Adar?” asked Thranduil.

“May I ask what brings about this question?” asked Celeborn.

“Haldir said that King Oropher did not deserve to be called Adar and I should find someone who cares about me to call Adar,” he said.

“You may call me Ada,” said Celeborn. “Adar is too formal. I think you should call Galadriel Nana, if you are going to call me Ada. She is my wife you know.”

“Ok,” said Thranduil as he hugged his new “Ada”.

Celeborn put the little elfling in his lap and cuddled him. Celebrian pouted.

“Iell nin, you have nearly reached your majority,” said Galadriel. “Pouting is not lady like.”

“Yes Naneth,” she said. “It’s just I miss sitting on Adar’s lap.”

“You are too big,” said Elros.

Besides Thranduil is your brother now,” said Elrond. “Most likely Oropher didn’t…”

“Elrond Peredhel you will not speak that name in my presence or in these boarders ever again,” said Galadriel. “Nor will anyone else!”

“Yes, Lady Galadriel,” he said. “I was just trying to say…”

“I know what you were trying to say,” she said gently. In time you will learn that some things are better left unsaid. However you are right. Thranduil should be allowed to enjoy what is left of his childhood with out the guilt of thinking that he is taking someone else’s place.”

Celeborn was comforting Thranduil who was crying, because Galadriel had gotten scary. Galadriel approached him, but he shrank in fear. She realized that this was one of the effects of the abuse.

“Thranduil, I am not going to hurt you,” said Galadriel.

“Promise?” he asked

“I promise,” she said.

“You will not hurt Elros or Elrond either?” said Thranduil.

“I will not,” she said. “I just scolded them.”

“Please do not get all scary like that again,” he asked.

Galadriel lifted the efling’s chin and kissed his cheek.

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