Life and Times of the Orcs

Love me, Urgren.

1. An orcish love song

Away from the coming dawn and from the cursed sunlight,
Away from the forest green, where only darkness reigns,
And by the rivers that reflect the fires of the fight,
There, come and lie beside me; and love me, Urgren.

If elvish blood ran through my veins, it's now a bad dream.
I'll grease my hair with mud and blood until you find it pleasing.
I'll paint my face with ash and dust, to see your eyes gleam.
I'll pierce my lips, my face, my chest; until you love me, Urgren.

My back is strong, my shoulders broad; my prime just begins.
I wield the sword, I ride the wolf, I kill and hunt with skill.
I'll bring you pelts of forest beasts, from pale elves their skins,
To make them a bed for you, to lie and love me, Urgren.

My flute of bone I'll play for you, my drums of human hide.
Earrings of polished teeth you'll have, to match your fiery gaze.
The innards of my enemies, the skulls I wear with pride,
All I will lay at your feet, if you would love me, Urgren.
******* For my brother, who always said that Orcs are a greatly misunderstood race.

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