Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


7. Chapter Seven

"Arwen, are you ready to go?" Marinalite asked.

"Yes, I am ready to go," Arwen said. "I just have to carry out all seven of these bags."

"Wow, you sure know how to pack light," Marinalite said. "I packed fifteen bags. I'll have to trade tips with you."

"What are you wearing to Mordor?" Arwen asked. "I'm wearing a blue, silk gown that has matching blue slippers. I'm also wearing this crystal necklace."

"I'm wearing this wearing this expensive, red, velvet gown that Legolas gave me, this purple necklace that matched my eyes (when I'm angry), and these golden shoes."

"Wow," Arwen said. "Your outfit is so much better than mine. I should have worn something different. Dressing nicely is so important when you're going to Mordor, you know."

"Yes," Marinalite said. "Looking beautiful is one of the most important things to remember when you are traveling to Mordor."

"Our beauty will show up greatly in Mordor," Arwen said. "There is nothing there but dead stuff. We are too beautiful to be going to Mordor."

"How can you say that?" Marinalite said. "The Fellowship needs us, since I can catch things on fire when I stare at them, and can fight better than Legolas and Aragorn. They need you because you are powerful."

"Oh, okay," Arwen said.

"Yeah, okay," Merinalite said.

"Marinalite, Arwen, wait," Elrond said.

"How do you get here, Elrond?" Marinalite asked.

"I walked outside of my house," Elrond said.

"Oh, okay," Marinalite said.

"Here are two necklaces," Elrond said. "They have the power to give you one wish."

"Oh, okay," Marinalite said. "How do they work?"

"Close your eyes while you have the necklace on, and think of the person that you love most," Elrond said. "Then, make a wish."

"Oh, okay," Marinalite said.

"I'm going to make a wish that we were in Mordor, now," Arwen said. Suddenly, Arwen and Marinalite were in Mordor.

"Wow, we got here in less then an hour," Marinalite said.

"Hey, look, it's Legolas," Arwen said.

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