What's in a Name...?

1. What's in a Name..?

“Aragorn!” Arwen’s lip curls in distaste as she answers Elladan. “Yes, of course I remember him.”

Flinty grey eyes with a predatory look. A hard mouth that leered, gathering spittle, when he watched her. Hands seeking to grab and hold, hips grinding into her.

Too dignified to struggle, she had stared unflinchingly, hoping the contempt in her eyes lashed him.

“It was meant to be.” The hot wet feel of his breath against her ear disgusted her. “Our sons will be kings.”

Killed young by wolves: a just fate.

“Why would Arathorn choose that name for his son?” she queries.

Aragorn I † 2327
Aragorn I, it is said, was slain by wolves,
Appendix A, Lord of the Rings

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