Where was Glorfindel?

Very Bad Day, A

2. Erestor's POV

I was having a very good day. I had been up all night doing research and was heading to my chambers for a little bit of rest when I stepped in something rather gooey. I looked down and saw sap around the sole’s of my brand new suede boots. Cursing Glorfindel I slipped out of my boots and walked calmly inside. Then that’s when I saw them, the twins sitting on my floor. They spoke at the same time even thought they know I don’t like it when they do that. It is quite eerie watching two identical people talking at the same time. “Adar wishes you to look up all you can on a Morgul blade.” They watched me as if expecting me to do something. One blinks and then they left. I let out the breath I did not know I had been holding then turn and walk bitterly back to the library.

On the way I passed Glorfindel who was staring at Elrond’s door as if it were a foreign object. I am sorry but, I could not resist knocking his head on the cold hard wood of the door. Then as he seemed so reluctant, I pushed him inside and left thinking about my ‘revenge’ for his prank this morning.

I sat peacefully in the library for several hours until harried footsteps shattered the peace. I left the library to investigate. I met up with Elrond who said I was to take care of Imladris while he was off healing the Halfling and that I was to get all my answers from Glorfindel. I nodded and he ran off leaving me behind confused. I walked down to the front steps of the Last Homely House to wait for Glorfindel who hopefully could supply an answer. That’s when I saw them, Estel, three Halflings, and a pony running as fast as they could towards me. Estel skidded to a halt in front of me and told me all. It was a pity I could only understand select few of the words he was saying. Words such as “Arwen…. Asfaloth…. Manure…. And Jump.”

One of the Halflings screamed that it was following them and pointed to something very dirty making its way towards us. Once I realized what ‘it’ was I could not hold my laughter in anymore. ‘It’ renamed ‘Glorfindel’ was running towards us with a look of panic on his face and covered in… MANURE?!

Adar- Father

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