It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Taste of Things to Come, The

2. With Strength Unshrinking

It was indeed a rare moment when he gave thanks for the stern training he had received at his father’s hands, but this was one, Faramir mused, as he lay stretched out under Varda’s orbs, which, at any other time, would have inspired his soul, but now could not distract him from a sense of gratitude that his body had been schooled to lie as still, if not as unfeeling, as a stone, while the dark, yet faithful, shadow of Mablung, fell between him and those last bright beacons of hope, allowing only their faintest reflection to shine off the meticulously maintained Ranger blade, poised, as it was, to slowly slice away the damp and ever-more-painfully constricting fabric of his breeches thread by thread.

* * *

A/N I would like to thank the recent HA discussion for its inspiring thoughts on unclothing Faramir.

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