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Blood Thorns

5. Explinations are Expected

Explanations are Expected
The time seemed to creep along at a snail's pace for both elves. Kestrel fought to keep eye contact with the golden warrior seated by her fire. He spoke not a word; just stared into her eyes like he was trying to reach her soul. It was incredibly unnerving to sit under such intensity, but Kestrel could be more stubborn then a Dwarf after a Mithril vein. He wanted answers, she knew, but the warrior could sit there for all eternity and still she would not speak to him. The only movements in the room were their eyelashes as they blinked and their chests rising and falling, as they drew and released their breath. Not a twitch. Not a squirm. Complete and utter stillness.
          After a three hour staring contest, Glorfindel was becoming bored. This slightly built female was mule-headed stubborn, but he kind of liked the fact she held her ground so well. He knew warriors in his ranks that would have readily succumbed, in less then ten minutes, under such circumstances. He had observed her slow easy breathing and bland stare turn, inch by inch, into faster breaths and occasional honey colored sparks dancing through her eyes. He was getting to her at last! Careful to keep the triumph out of his eyes and posture, Glorfindel shifted into a more comfortable position against the hearth still observing the elleth. The seneschal almost forgot to keep his bland composure and stifled a smirk, as a look of sudden triumph blazed in her honey colored eyes, for a split second, before settling back into the normal calm stare. This small crack in her demeanor told him one thing… she had spirit.
          Finally deciding to test her strength of will, Glorfindel spoke suddenly into the quiet room. "Well young one, it seems we have a problem that needs to be resolved. I need to know who you are, what your reasons are for being here in Imladris, why you have been stubborn in your refusal to cooperate with the Sons of Elrond and then, only then, will I think about changing your accommodations to somewhere more pleasant then this room. What say you?" he said in a soft even voice in Sindarin; awaiting her reactions to the language and his demands.
          The elleth showed no response at all, so Glorfindel decided to test her knowledge of Sindarin in a most effective and sneaky manner. "I should have figured you for an uneducated Orc when you refused to talk to the twins, but I stupidly gave you a chance to show your breeding. Unfortunately, my low expectations were well founded." Glorfindel spoke in the same soft even tone he had used the first time and was pleased to see yellow flames erupting within the depths of her honey brown eyes.
 "So young one you do understand our language! You have a temper too, though you hide it well. How long will it take to raise your ire beyond endurance and you are unable to hold your tongue still? I wonder what else you hide behind those beautiful eyes of yours, humm? This shall be fun, as I truly love a challenge!!" the seneschal thought with a barely concealed smirk. Coming to a decision, Glorfindel stood in a swift, graceful move that drew the elleth's eyes to his muscular frame. Leaving his book by the hearth on purpose, Glorfindel walked to the door and ordered the guards to open. Without a backward glance, the golden warrior left the annoyed elleth to her own thoughts. The big grin the seneschal tossed over his shoulder, as he bade the warriors to guard her carefully and announced his plans to return later that evening, was a far cry from the solemn face he had shown the elleth. Whistling another song as he walked down the corridor, Glorfindel planned his next move and made his way happily to Erestor's office.
"I will not give into the temptation! That thing can stay there in that spot, until Sauron becomes a Dwarven female!! Damn that forgetful ellon! This just may be a new form of torture and I refuse to surrender myself to it willingly! Oh for Valar's sake it is a book, not a servant of evil. What harm could there be in just reading a few pages? It is not as if anyone would see me reading it. It would be, but a small distraction, from this boredom that I am forced to endure in this grand pit of Mordor. What am I thinking?!? That would be giving in and I refuse to give in!" Kestrel argued silently with herself. The loneliness was taking its toll on her heart and soul. The gloom had made her depressed and on edge, to the point where she was fighting herself over a small tome of Elvish poetry. The stupidity of the situation was not lost on the elleth, but the longer she was held in the dim gray room, the worse her symptoms became.
The new warrior had not helped things in the least. First, the golden warrior had just stared at her, as if waiting for her skin to fall off and reveal all her inner most thoughts. Secondly, that calm, arrogant and annoying ellon had the utter gall to ridicule her intelligence to her face. Lastly, he had left behind the damn book, which, unfortunately, she remembered was one of her favorite poets in the whole of Arda. As if that were not more than enough to push her over the edge of reason, the silent ellon just had to have stunning facial features and the virle, hard, muscular frame of a seasoned warrior. That the ellon's outward appearance had become a definite distraction, also did nothing to appease her growing ire. That male was the enemy! Drooling over the enemy, was unacceptable and a very, very bad thing to do! Kestrel was determined not to let her base instincts rule her!!
 Growling in frustration, Kestrel stalked to the wall farthest from the door and let her pent up fury out upon the gray stones holding her captive. The elleth's closed fists hit the cold stone wall with a sickening thud of rage. Over and over the elleth belted the stone, until her strength and anger were spent. Sliding to the floor, Kestrel took stock of the damage she had done to her hands. She cringed at the sight of the raw, shredded flesh and the bloodied wall at her back. Her temper was her weakness, Kestrel knew, but she had never truly mastered how to control it. Once completely lost to reason physical pain or exhaustion were the only way to bank the fire of her burning rage. It was one of the small things she did remember about herself, but it was not a memory she was pleased to have. Curling into a small ball of misery, Kestrel drifted off into a light reverie.
As was usual for the chief advisor, Erestor had skipped the evening meal to work on the giant multitudes of paper that he felt needed to be completed by morning. Erestor stopped momentarily and looked up, from the slow, dwindling mounds of paper stacked neatly into piles on his desk. The advisor had heard the door to his office open, on its nearly silent hinges and guessed it was his best friend, Glorfindel. The seneschal had probably come to bring him a snack; before beginning his normal nightly lecture, on how too much hard work was making the advisor overly thin even by Elf standards. Glorfindel came in precariously balancing a tray of sandwiches, fruits, and two generous slices of berry pie, Erestor quickly made room on his desk so the seneschal could put down the heavy food tray. With no more then a few quick words of greeting, the two friends began devouring the feast.
Erestor noticed the distracted way Glorfindel was eating. Normally his friend would be ravenously eating non stop, until nothing was left, but tonight the warrior was delicately nibbling on his food; even stuttering to a halt before taking a bite at times. His curiosity aroused, the advisor cleared his throat a few times, to get his friend's attention, "Alright Fin, what seems to be on your mind? It must be something quite troubling for you to be off your food, as you eat like a starving warg most of the time. Can I be of assistance to you somehow?" Watching his friend closely, Erestor noticed that the warrior was more than slightly embarrassed by being caught so easily off guard. A smirk flitted across the advisor's lips at the slight flush that crept up his friend's face and ears. The reaction made Erestor think the problem was of a personal nature, so the advisor sat back with his glass of sweet wine, to await the telling of what he was sure to be an interesting tale.
To Kestrel's complete horror and personal disgust, the book had won the battle! She now sat curled up on the rug, next to her well fueled fire, pouring over the beautiful script that had been captured in the leather bound tome. She had been thoroughly pleased, as well as grudgingly impressed, to see that the annoying warrior was actually reading the complex text in its original language and not the more widely read, yet watered down version that had been translated into Sindarin. She had read both versions of the poetry, but much of the emotional impact did not translate well into the less poetic Sindarin. The elleth knew it had been a lost skirmish, when she awoke to find the book still sitting so temptingly in its spot by the hearth. The urge to read the exceptional poetry again, somehow overcame her stubbornness and pride. Silent tears streaked slowly down her cheeks, as she lost herself in the beautiful, yet tragic, images that the book brought to her troubled mind. It was a small pleasure, but she was grateful for it anyway.
Glorfindel made his way back to the gray room with a mischievous smile, a drawing pad and a set of charcoals. A new plan of attack had been forming in his mind since he had left the prisoner. The seneschal had been informed, as requested, that the elleth was indeed reading the tome and by her emotional reaction, she could read it fluently. Glorfindel had decided to wait out the elleth's stubbornness this time, as well as annoy her, to no end, with his utter silence. Stopping at the large wooden door to the gray room, Glorfindel spoke with the two guards on duty and informed them of his plan.
A deep creak alerted the prisoner that she was about to get an unwanted visitor. Refusing to move or look away from the wall she was contemplating with great intensity, Kestrel ignored the new arrival with relish. She had placed the book back exactly as she had found it. She knew that the elf would never know of her weakness regarding the book and for that she was happy. After she had finished reading the book, the elleth had decided that she would rot in the bowels of Mordor, before she acknowledged the golden warrior in any way. This plan seemed to be working in her favor, as she heard the elf settle down by the fire, close to the same spot as the last time. She quietly waited for the warrior to speak first, but the elleth had not expected the wait to be so damn long!! Kestrel squirmed inwardly, as she waited for him to break the ever increasing silence, but the warrior still made no move to communicate with Kestrel. Now she was confused!!

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