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44. Just Because You Can

Just Because You Can
          Fate. The inexplicable slid into that what is meant to be. It can be as small, and insignificant as stepping a foot to the left, but when the tree falls and just misses you, you know it was fate that allowed you would survive. Fate can trick you at the most horrendous of times. Just when you think you will never find that which you seek, it appears in front of you in the most unusual manner possible.
          The feast continued as the newly bonded couple was taken separately to their new talan. The joyful revelry would continue unabated for the next few days. It was the manner of Elves to celebrate such things, but the fact that it was a royal wedding of two kingdoms during a time of great strife brought hope to all and gave greater voice to the happiness of the Lothlorien elves. The music swirled around the glade as dancers merrily threw themselves into the songs stamping out a wild rhythm in unshod feet and reckless twirls. Food and wine flowed in abundance and laughter rang loudly on the night air. Even the heavens seemed to rejoice at the binding of the ranger princess to the Mirkwood prince, as the stars twinkled in the sky alight with a full moon. The Star of Earendil glowed brighter then normal and it was to this star one elf looked to for guidance.
          The ceremony had been sealed and all those that had participated in the private binding had rejoined the feast. Elladan had seen the wistful gaze that Elrohir had turned to the couple as the Twins had departed the binding talan, but knew not what to say to his pensive twin. He knew that his younger twin had harbored a hope that the ranger would see him as a male not as a brother, but alas it was not meant to be. Elrohir had told Fire that she had grown in his regard, but she sadly told him that she could be not but a sister to him. The twin held no malice in his heart towards the ranger and he still loved her as strongly as before but now only in a brotherly way. Elladan watched as his twin sighed and moved off further into the forest away from the revelers seeking solitude. His twins voice whispered through his mind ""I am fine Adan! Fear not I only wish a moments peace, then I will rejoin the feast with relish. "" Feeling satisfied that his young twin was quite alright, Elladan joined in the dancing with the light hearted abandon that the twins were well known for.
          Elrohir walked among the giant Mallorn trees thinking about the beautiful ceremony and the undeniable love that Legolas and Fire had for one another. He was more than happy for them as he loved them both as close family. Legolas would be a good mate for Fire. He was a gentle, loving elf with a playful nature that came to the forefront when in the company of friends or close family, yet the elf had enough of a temper and a streak of stubbornness to rival the ranger's own. Their lives would be filled with love, laughter, excitement and rousing disagreements that would soon be turned into more passionate responses. Sighing deeply Elrohir looked up to see the star of Earendil burning more brightly then was usual. He smiled and closed his eyes throwing a greeting to his forefather who sailed still among the sky. While his eyes were still closed but directed towards the heavens, Elrohir tossed a plea to the winds that the Valar might one day bring into his life a love that his adopted sister and sworn brother now shared. "Good night Ada of my Ada. May your voyage be peaceful and the stars guide you thus." Elrohir whispered to the glowing star above.
          A flurry of leaves surrounded Elrohir making him grab for his dagger, storm grey eyes snapping open. The sight that met his gaze made him grin despite himself. There not four feet above him hanging upside down from a branch was a curious elleth who wore a bewildered frown. As if it was the most normal thing in Arda, the hanging elleth engaged him in conversation while still in the topsy-turvy position, "I dare say milord that it is quite unusual to speak to the stars in such a way. May I inquire if the stars design to answer you and if so is that a normal occurrence for you?"
          "Milady is it normal for you to speak to strange ellon in that position or am I the recipient of unusual treatment?" Elrohir countered with a grin.
          "Is it a normalcy to address strange elleth that you find hanging in trees and if so have you met many?" she countered cheekily.
          "Alas you are the first and I find myself in a quandary of what decorum demands of me. Mayhap as you are the one in such a position, you can enlighten me as to form and protocol?" Elrohir replied with a mocking bow.
          "Indeed you are sorely lacking in courtly manners, but alas I will endeavor to forgive such trespasses due to your obvious ignorance of such worldly matters." She said in a voice of noble intent.
          "I will be forever in your debt milady," he said with a formal, courtly bow, "How may I amend my rude behavior? Is there no way I may win your high regard? Will I be forever doomed to regret the utter lack of true courtliness I have shown to you milady?"
          "Are you daring enough milord to throw rules to the four winds to win my favor? If you truly wish to redeem your rude behavior, then you must climb this tree and hang next to me so I may look upon your face without strain as is right and proper." Came the elleth's answer in a haughty tone best suited for addressing King and court nobles.
          With a wicked gleam to his eye, Elrohir scrambled gracefully up the Mallorn and ventured out on the branch occupied by the down right peculiar elleth who still hung happily upside down. Wondering what his brothers would say if they could see his antics, Elrohir sat upon the branch and leaned all the way back to dangle from his knees. The delighted smile of the she elf made any teasing his brothers would do worthwhile. They stayed like that quietly for some minutes before the elleth shot him a wickedly amused grin. Reaching out suddenly, she grabbed a handful of silken midnight colored hair and dragged the startled elf's face closer. Without a word of warning, the elleth captured Elrohir's lips in a searing kiss. Never one to miss an opportunity, the younger twin deepened the kiss further. As suddenly as she started the kiss, the mysterious female pulled her lips from the elf's and flipped off the branch to land softly on the ground. Throwing a cheeky grin over her shoulder, she bound up into a nearby Mallorn tree and raced across the branches like an unruly wood elf elfling leaving behind a thoroughly charmed Noldor elf twin.
          Contemplating the strange wood nymph that had so captivated his thoughts with her teasing manner and quick wit, Elrohir missed the sounds of approaching feet. "What in Arda are you doing brother? Have you imbibed too much of Celeborn's delicious wine collection?" the sound of Elladan's outraged voice made the younger twin's grin widen further. Looking down he spied not only Elladan, but Aragorn and Gimli as well. Their horrified faces was well worth any slight discomfort Elrohir would be subjected to. With a grace inherent in all elves, the younger twin flipped off the branch to land next to his brothers with a mischievous smile. They eyed him warily for signs of more odd behavior. It was not a usual thing to find a Noldor elf hanging voluntarily from a tree branch by his knees. Though the twins were well know for strange and erratic behavior at times, this was above and beyond their normal range of weird antics.
          "I beg your forgiveness for my lack of Elvish manners, but I just finished attending the wood nymph queen's court. It is bad form to do so standing upright and as you know Ada is always a stickler for adhering to the customs of other courts. Alas she was called away on pressing business, though I dare hope we can one day finish our rather stimulating and truly fascinating discussion."  Spinning around suddenly, the younger twin swaggered jauntily off in the direction of the feast all the while whistling a bawdy song. The three followed behind him. Two looked on in grave worry because of their brother's peculiar mood as they hurried to catch up and one decided it was time for more beer.
          Laurel landed without a sound, then moved to sit beneath a Mallorn tree near the river's edge. Having been  raised in the wood elf King's realm of Mirkwood made the elleth a very adept and agile tree climber. She loved to hear the tree songs as she raced through her beloved forest. It was a decidedly dangerous place for the fell creatures of Mordor lurked within its darkened tangled visage, but to Laurel it was beautiful. She enjoyed the unpredictable nature of never knowing what was around the next bend of branch or path. Dark, dangerous, unruly, yet stunningly magnificent in all its feral beauty. Giggling at the thought that popped into her head unbidden, she had to agree the description did fit the handsome Noldor that she had spoken to, but a few moments hence, rather well.
She knew of who he was, but just which one of Lord Elrond's wayward sons he was remained a puzzle. Laurel knew of the Twins from all the times her brother regaled her with their misadventures after his visits to the Hidden Vale. The exciting tales her brother recounted of pranks pulled and hunts gone awry, painted a picture of wild, yet playful elflings combined with vicious warriors harboring a ferocious violent streak tempered only by their honor, and loving, protective natures. What her brother had failed to mention about his sworn brothers, was the storm grey eyes that shimmered with mirth and the glorious sight of the Twin's physical form which was much broader then a regular elf warrior yet just as stunning. The twin's smile had sent shivers of delight coursing through her slight frame and the taste of his lips still lingered upon her own.
 Jumping up so as to stave off the heat that rose within her, Laurel moved away from the tree with her hands wrapped tight across her stomach where bees flew haphazardly in a irate swarm. As soon as she was in the open, Elrohir's wood nymph queen flung her arms wide before twirling faster and faster in a small circle. As she became dizzy, the she elf dropped to the ground with a wild uninhibited roar of laughter. Though she remained perfectly still watching the world spin crazily, the leaves she had kicked up still swirled in a fierce tornado above her.

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