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42. Honor Bound

Honor Bound
Fire turned as a throat cleared behind her. There stood Haldir and Aragorn. Her stomach rose to her throat and then plummeted to her toes. It was time to finish the ceremony! Exceedingly pale, the ranger allowed them to escort her to the talan she and Legolas would share for the rest of their stay in Lothlorien. Those that would attend the final binding were already at the talan awaiting her arrival. As they reached the bottom of the last flight of stairs, Fire nearly bolted. Heart racing, breath coming in short bursts the ranger sat down heavily on the first stair and put her head between her knees. Her escorts smiled at each other at the signs of the innocent ranger's panic. Nodding for Aragorn to head up, Haldir dropped to the stair next to Fire. The March warden wrapped a comforting arm around her and held her quietly for awhile until she began to regain control of herself.
The warmth of Haldir's arms finally broke through Fire's emotional upheaval and she looked up at him with frightened eyes. His smile helped calm her and his gentle words took away much of her fear. "Young one, do not be afraid, for your mate loves you deeply. I have seen how he watches you when you are not aware. His desire of you is apparent to all and so is the utter tenderness he regards you with. Let your heart guide you through this night and trust that he will do all in his power to bring you only pleasure in your coupling. It is an extension of your love for each other and should be looked on with great joy not fear," The March warden told Fire softly, "If it helps I have had a small talk with him about how he will treat you! If he does not treat you with the love and respect you deserve, he will have to answer to me!" Fire grinned at the thought of her dear friend growling orders to her annoyed mate.
"Haldir, might I ask a question of you? If you do not want to answer I will not hold it against you!"
"Ask away young one, and I will endeavor to answer your question as best I can" Haldir sighed.
Blushing furiously at the idea of asking such a personal question, Fire blurted out in hurried mumble, "What do males like females to do when they are coupling?"
The stunned look on the Lorien elf's face made Fire wish she had just kept her silent ignorance. "Young one, did you not have a talk with either Briar or Lady Galadriel?" At her negitive response Haldir cringed. Of all things he had thought she would ask THAT was not any he had thought of. The dejected looking ranger melted his heart, so Haldir tried to think of how to put such a delicate subject in mixed company.
He was about to answer when she muttered something about "just should have tried something off List three." He quirked his eyebrow in interest and could not refrain from asking. "What is List three?" The blush she had paled before coming back darker then before. "Well, The Twins saw all the papers Elrond had given me. I was grumbling about what use was a list for binding ceremonies and courtship rituals, when I did not plan on ever binding, I ran into them. They grabbed the lists, said they were incomplete because list three was missing and told me they would have the third list ready by nightfall. The third list they gave me was one hundred and six explanations on binding night activities. I still can not figure out how most are done but the Twins say they have both tried them all. It gives some details on the how but truly the how still confuses me! I just want to know what activities a male wants his mate to engage in so I am not completely ignorant and disappointing." Fire said on a frustrated growl.
"Alright, I will try to educate you in a short amount of time, but my best advice is to follow you instincts and allow Legolas to show you. Now as to the how and what most males like…" Haldir spent 10 minutes going over the very basics of mating activities. When he was done explaining, it was hard to tell who was redder. Fire's mouth had dropped open at one spot and had refused to close until the final how had been described. It was well beyond her experience, but if she could single handedly decimate a troop of Orcs then seducing one's mate should be relatively easy in comparison. After all, her mate seemed to want to participate in the binding night activities rather eagerly so that was half the battle.
Smiling at Haldir the ranger stood up and offered him her hand. Regaining his feet Haldir was surprised when Fire stared at him intensely before speaking, "Though we started out rather strangely, I think we have become close friends. I have seen the way you have been watching Briar when you think no one can see. There is a spot in your heart she has already come to occupy and it warms your eyes, but then there is a deep sadness that comes not long after. I have seen that look in my own reflection. I know you have lost someone dear to your heart and you feel responsible for their loss. I have been shown this night, that the one you lost and the one I lost would not wish us to turn from life because of them. We only shame their memories with our guilt. Think hard on my words March warden for I know my twin cares for you. I would hate to see you both miserable because of a guilt and grief that should have been set aside ages ago. Now if you would be so kind as to escort me to my new talan, I will endeavor to not panic or faint."
Grinning down at the ranger, Haldir smirked and commented dryly, "I believe your mate is also trying to neither panic, faint or rush this night. It will make for an entertaining evening!"

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