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38. Damnation and Three Strong Bottles of Wine

Damnation and Three Strong Bottles of Wine
          Wine: A liquid concoction made from fruits and fermented into an exceedingly vile drink that changes your behavior in strange and unusual ways. Wine makes you less likely to control the stupidity that resides inside you and frequently allows your tongue free reign, in deciding what thoughts pass your flapping lips, well before your brain can agree. Wine tends to be less particular when you are engaged in seemingly innocent activities, that when viewed without the lethal mixture would shock and dismay all involved. Lastly, wine raises your body temperature within your mind, and the added heat helps in making you more susceptible to the slow removal of clothing items in front of witless witnesses. The after effects once the concoction wears off can be a rude awakening.
                    Haldir smiled as he heard Aragorn approaching rapidly. For a man, Aragorn was almost elf quiet due to living among elves and his ranger training. The man burst through the last of the foliage and stopped in front of the March Warden with a big grin. The Twins came to his side laughing at their younger brother's winded state. "Fire gave me a head start. She is as fast as Elrohir when she gets a mind to it.", the man said to his brothers and Haldir. The Twins exchanged surprised glances. Elladan spoke up for both of them, "Fire has revealed herself to the company and those of Lothlorien?" At the combined nods of the March warden and Aragorn, Elrohir exclaimed, "How did you manage such a feat? She is ever so secretive. Did Gandalf cast a spell on her for some misdeed?" Laughing at the remembrance of Fire's itching powder incident, Aragorn told the brethren all that had transpired since leaving Imlandris in a shortened version of the whole.
          A sudden giggle soared through the trees. All of the wardens, the Twins, and Aragorn turn in the direction of the irresistible sound. Fire tore through the trees past the watchers at break neck speed, eyes gleaming merrily. Skidding to a halt in shocked surprise, Fire caught sight of the Twins. Giving no thought to propriety the ranger launched herself at Elrohir knocking him to the ground for a loud smacking kiss. Scrambling off the stunned younger twin, Fire repeated her greeting with the older twin much to the amusement of all. Standing upright, Fire reached a hand down to Elladan and swiftly pulled him to his feet. "I am ever so glad to make your reaquiantance my dear Twins. Did Lord Elrond and his house deem that they have had enough of your antics and sent you as far from the realm as Elrond could in all haste and good time? Much has happened and not just a little is ill news. We have lost Gandalf to a Balrog in the pits of Moria before we reached the other side of the bridge. When I see him next I have vowed to blacken the eye of that old goat!! He foresworn himself to secrecy in matters that had been best discussed and I will make sure of his comeuppance!"  The ranger snarled with a look in her eye that made the Twins cringe for the dead Istari.
          So engrossed in her greetings and news giving, Fire totally missed the wood elf creeping stealthily across the giant Mallorn branches above her. The ranger found herself flat on her back with mischievous summer sky blue eyes dancing merrily in her vision and laughter curling around her in regards to her prone predicament. The twins froze waiting for Fire to retaliate. They knew well one did not accost the ranger in such a manner if you wished to keep blood from spilling. The certifiably insane wood elf just continued to grin at the narrowing eyes and tiny frown Fire bestowed on him. "I caught you!"  Were Legolas' only words, before he captured the pinned ranger's soft lips in a long, deep kiss. 
          Aragorn shook his head at the elf's antics and turned back to the Twins. The sight before him was priceless! Never had he seen his older brothers so at loss. Their jaws were unhinged and hanging limply, their eyes were so wide he feared they would roll from their sockets and they had gone white with shock. Gathering their wits, which took a few moments longer then it should have, the Twins shot Aragorn a questioning look. He quirked his brow and shrugged but not before seeing a quick flash of hurt and jealousy rush through the younger twin's grey eyes. The three brothers turned at the sound of Fire's voice.
"Idiot Elf, get off me before I hurt you severely!"  She said breathlessly before trying to shove off the grinning elf in question. "Nay little one I much prefer your soft form to the hard ground. After such a competition, I believe I will rest right here and recuperate." Huffing in exasperation Fire rocked sideways suddenly and ended up on top of Legolas. "If resting is to be done off the rocky ground, it should be the victor and as I was here first that makes it me!!"  The ranger said haughtily to her trapped but content mate below her. "That is ill use of your power, Princess Tygera. One would think that you would wish to comfort your mate in his direst defeat not take advantage of his good nature and soft padding."  Legolas' teasingly reply. "Soft padding my eye, you are almost as hard as the ground beneath! Your only difference in appearance is you do not harbor rocks!"  The ranger lamented cheekily.
"Oh I beg to differ, my dear ranger, I believe he is not only hard but harbors hidden rocks."  Elladan dryly observed. Fire looked at the older twin perplexed as all but her and Legolas burst into hysterical laughter. Looking back down at her prone victim, Fire was baffled by the deep flush that graced the elf's face. Seeing her confused appearance, Legolas leaned up enough to whisper in her ear, "His crude comment has to do with List three. Pay him no mind, little one." As his meaning and the meaning of the comment sunk in Fire blushed, before hurriedly rolling off the elf. Throwing a glare at the still laughing twin, the elf regained his feet before reaching out to pull the ranger to her feet and tucking her back against his muscular chest.
Sighing, Fire looked over her shoulder at the wood elf. "You can unhand me now as I am well able to keep an upright position," the ranger said archly. "Aye little one that may be true but if rapid weakness comes upon you, I dare say it would be far less troubling to catch you if I hold you thus."  Legolas said in a serious tone. Rolling her eyes skyward and sending a hopeful message to the Valar to give her the strength not to strangle the elf behind her, Fire grabbed one of his warrior braids and tugged hard. "It seems that should you not release me I will have to retaliate in some wicked way. I wonder what your braids would look like in pink?"  Fire pondered sweetly. "PINK! Do not dare to entertain such thoughts, for it is unseemly for a warrior to be treated in such an evil manner."  He snarled back. Grinning at the sudden realization, Fire pronounced in a sugary sweet voice, "Being on the wrong end of the Twins mischief, I dare say can result in unusual hair colors." The Prince of Mirkwood sighed heavily as the Twins began roaring in laughter. "Aye it can! So far I have had pink, green and blue hair. I wish not to repeat the experience!" Legolas said with feeling.
The group of dark riders followed the escort of sentinels to the city gates of Lothlorien. The leader of the dark riders was tired, dirty and impatient to have an audience with the rulers of the realm. Following one of the sentinels to the reception area of the Lady of the Golden Woods, the leader had neither the time nor inclination to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the majesty of the realm. Standing finally in the Great Hall, the leader of the dark riders flung back his cloak and testily surveyed the hall awaiting the arrival of the Lord and Lady. It was amazing in its beauty, but the fiery blue eyes registered little. The thoughts and questions that crowded his agile mind took precedence. Turning back to the stair case as the Lord and Lady descended, the new arrival bowed low in greeting. As he straightened up the new arrival frowned deeply.
"Lord Celeborn, Lady Galadriel I believe there has been some developments that require my attention proceeding in your realm. If you would be so kind to point me in the direction of my son's talan I will clear this up immediately."  The aggrieved tone came from the elf male standing before the noble couple. "King Thranduil welcome to the Golden Woods. I will have someone escort you to Legolas' talan if that is your wish, but he is away at the border at this time. I have had a talan made ready for your arrival, so if you wish you may rest up before the return of your son on the morrow." The dark cloud that seemed to engulf the King of Mirkwood grew positively black at the unavoidable delay in rectifying the mess his son had gotten in to. "That will be most welcome. I wish to be alerted as soon as my son is within the city's wall."  Smiling at the Mirkwood king, Galadriel gestured to the sentinel that stood waiting. "I will send Legolas to you post haste upon his arrival. Sleep well my friend." With another bow to the couple, Thranduil King of Mirkwood and Legolas' outraged Ada, followed the sentinel to his appointed talan.
 Chuckling softly, Celeborn turned to his mate. "My love, I believe things are going to be very interesting on the morrow. Thranduil must have left within an hour of receiving your dispatch concerning the situation involving his son. Truth be told, I am not certain who I worry for most the Mirkwood king or our dear ranger. Their tempers are fairly even but Fire has held her own in hand to hand with our March warden. If her swordsmanship is as good as her close quarters combat, it may take a few hours, possibly days, to find a winner. The two of them would be too stubborn to call a draw I think. I wonder how the prince will react to this new development. Well my sweet mate what say you? Shall we retire as to be fresh for the fireworks tomorrow?" At her giggling agreement, Celeborn took his mate's hand and led her to their bed chamber.
They were high in the canopy of a giant Mallorn tree. The talan was farthest in from the border and none present had duty until well in the afternoon the next day. They were on their third bottle of a special blend of wine. It was made especially for Lord Elrond and was potent enough to inebriated elves. Normally wine was akin to water for the elven population but once in awhile they would throw caution to the wind and get falling down drunk for the strangest reasons. Fire being neither Elven, nor a wine drinker normally, was doomed before the start. She had not yet told the Twins about her binding ceremony, or the fact she was Gandalf's daughter, or even that she was of Kindred kind. After the fourth or fifth glass she had started to feel 'the happy nothing can touch me feelings' of the near drunk. After the tenth glass she was a giggling inebriated mess. Legolas had tried to slow her drinking after the fourth glass, and he truthfully thought she was slowly sipping her sixth glass. In reality, Elladan kept switching her glass with his full one, and the poor dizzy ranger was too far gone to notice her half empty glass was refilling itself.
Legolas was also was quite buzzed and mellow by this time as he sat beside Fire and had consumed a great amount of wine as well. Things were going along smoothly with story telling, singing and the occasional bickering sessions. The friends were happy to be together again, Aragorn was thrilled to be in the company of his older brothers once more. Fire was ecstatic; her beast friend in all of Arda was by her side in her troubling situation. Grinning drunkenly at Elrohir with sparkling green eyes, Fire motioned the twin over to her. This gesture was not lost on Legolas. He watched the ranger as she smiled beguilingly at his friend and sworn brother. He was trying hard not to lose his temper but the sight of his mate crawling into the twin's lap with a happy sigh, ripped a growl out from deep within. All heads turned at the sound and everyone went still at the blazing look of fury that the elf sent Fire and Elrohir.
Fire felt a wall of fury roll through her system without warning. She was unaccountably angered by Elrohir and was of a mind to do bodily harm to the twin. Her slender frame shook with the force of ragged emotions that bombarded her mind. Seeing the reaction of the ranger to Legolas' furious gaze, Elrohir reached out to draw Fire closer to himself in comfort. Without thought the ranger whirled on the younger twin and slammed him onto the ground with his own knife placed dangerously at his throat. The low growl that issued from the ranger goaded Briar into action. She hit Fire broadside and tumbled her off the motionless twin. The two elleth rolled over and over vying for possession of Elrohir's dagger.
Aragorn took quick inventory and saw the reason for Fire's unlooked for attack. Reaching Legolas' side the man brought the elf's attention off the younger twin and squarely on himself. "Legolas your bond is affecting Fire's emotions. You must let go of your anger my friend or we may have blood shed before too long. If not for the female sentinel's quick action Elrohir might very well be dead now." The man snapped harshly to rouse the elf from his fury. Shaking his head from side to side to clear the lingering anger, Legolas took stock of what was now occurring. Seeing the wildness of his mate, the elf moved swiftly to the struggling pair of females. With a nod from Haldir who was close enough to the fighting, Legolas grasped Fire around the waist and lifted her free. Haldir caught Briar in mid flight as she launched herself towards a nearly feral ranger. The Twins looked on in horror as their friend turned mindlessly on the Mirkwood prince. They knew the strength and skill she possessed. They had taught her many ways to kill and they worried it would be the end of the elf.
Fire snarled like a beast gone rabid. She used teeth and nails trying to get free of Legolas' firm hold. Realizing the danger should she pull free, the elf tried to pin her against the wall of the talan. Just as he maneuvered her into position so she was pressed face first to the wall Fire twisted in his grip and the elf was left face to face with the violent ranger. Eyes blinded by fury unabated Fire struck out with her teeth. As she began to sink them deep into Legolas' throat she stopped and began to tremble. Reality started pouring over the ranger as her mate's scent reached her crazed mind. The mixture of sandalwood, pine forest and cinnamon drifted to Fire turning her from her angry outburst. She loosed her hold on the elf's neck lightly allowing her teeth to graze the skin. Moving on instinct alone the ranger slowly licked the reddened area before moving up along the elf's jaw and nipping gently. Feeling her mate's slight tremors she continued her ministrations until she reached his mouth. With a husky moan of desire Fire captured her mate's willing lips in a searing kiss as she molded herself to Legolas' lithe form.
Aragorn sighed in relief. He had been worried that Fire would hurt someone badly but now as he watched the two he saw fury turned to heat of a different sort. The intensity of the kiss was incredible. The two were locked tightly to each other and seemed unaware of their audience. A turquoise glow began to surround the oblivious pair and Aragorn was surprised to see the look of shock the Twins gave each other. "Aragorn, why were we not told sooner that Legolas and Fire are a mated pair? How can this be possible? Only a short while has passed since they first met yet the color of the glow is farther along then it should be. I did not see any binding marks on either of their hands, so you will explain to us exactly what is going on right now?" Elrohir demanded in a voice of near fury.
Haldir hauled Briar back as she made to jump at Fire again. He laughed at the furious mule look that crossed Briar's face as she snarled at him over her shoulder. Her voice hissed out through clenched teeth. "Let me go you arrogant Orc! If he harms my mirror in anyway I will take it out on your hide!" Holding the squirming sentinel Haldir glanced over to where Legolas had dragged Fire away. A huge grin split his handsome face as he spied the pair embracing like wargs in heat. "Briar, I do not think you need to worry about anything, except maybe her virtue." The dry tone caught the sentinel's attention and she turned her head and gasped. "Legolas Thranduilion! Unhand my twin!!" The ranger and elf jumped apart faces flushed looking guilty. All at once it hit Fire what the sentinel had hollered. Eyes wide Fire looked at Briar then began laughing hysterically. Choking out her words between bouts of laughter Fire called over to Briar, "Well, the cat is out of the bag now!!!" Then she proceeded to slide down between the wall and the elf in a fit of snorting drunken giggles.

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