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16. Broken Hearts

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Broken Hearts
          All those in attendance, looked on as Galadriel tried to rouse the ranger. After blinking several time, Fire had passed out in Legolas' arms. The Fellowship, Lady Galadriel, Lord Celeborn and a, still in pain, Haldir retired to a private talan assigned to the ranger. It would have galled the ranger to no end, to find her limp self being carried to her new dwelling by Legolas. The elf in question was tremendously worried by her reaction to the startling news that Gandalf was her father. The pain she would face knowing the wizard was dead would be unbearable and the elf wished he knew a way to ease her grief.
""Do not worry Prince of Mirkwood, you will find a way to help her heal, IF that is truly what you wish. You have already opened a small pathway into her heart. Only you can decided to widen that path to capture her very soul or walk away from the path already started. Emotions can harm or bring great joy. Look to the true reasons of your distress. Is it only because she grieves that you worry or is it deeper? "", Galadriel's voice echoed eerily in the elf's troubled mind. Looking into the eyes of the Lady of the Woods, Legolas gave a small bow to acknowledge his understanding of her words. A slight smile graced the beautiful Lady's lips, before she turned back to the ranger lying so still on the bed.
          Memories stirred like a great beast awakening. Stretching and yawning, the images rose to haunt an already troubled mind. Darkness filled the ranger's dreams, and tore at her bruised and bleeding soul. Fear encompassed her heart, stealing the courage she prided herself on. Fire could see the images so clearly, as though they were being experienced for real all over again. Tears squeezed from beneath closed eyes, as the ranger began to mutter and toss on the bed she slept in. Unable to take in the truth of Galadriel's words, Fire rode the dark memories trying to find the reason of her existence and why it came with so much unnecessary pain.
          Celeborn looked down at the girl who lay so restlessly on the bed. His anger towards her had cooled slightly, with his mate's assurance that the ranger had done her no harm. It was hard to comprehend that the elfling was actually Gandalf's daughter. The wizard had told no one about this fact and the secrecy was puzzling to the Elf Lord. That even the elleth, herself, had no idea of her connection to the wizard did not sit well in Celeborn's mind. 'Why all the secrets? Surely it would have been prudent to inform Elrond and Galadriel of a child of Maiar blood, especially blood kin of an Elven ring bearer. She looks nothing like her Ada. I wonder who her Nanneth was. Definitely Elven, possibly from Lorien or even Mirkwood with her coloring, but the eyes are wrong. I swear when she was fighting with our dear March warden, her eyes were gold. I know that can not be, so it must have just been a light trick. She had green eyes like a forest glade when she arrived; I wonder if they will be green or gold upon her awakening? Was the Maiar blood the reason for the powerful mind contact? These questions I will get answers to soon.'
          Darkness and rain chased the running girl. Laughter up ahead froze her blood, and brought fear to her heart. A scream broke through the stillness like a lightning bolt. Rushing helter skelter  towards the sound, Fire nearly slipped and fell. Which way? Oh God! Please, please let me make it in time!! Do what you will to me, but Not Her! NEVER HER!'  The note she had found on the floor wrapped around a brick turned her stomach to a queasy sea of disbelief. It was she they wanted, but first they wanted to teach her a lesson.  The only thing worth value she had, they had taken and wrote of their evil plan to destroy it. Lightning lit the darkness just enough to see ahead. There they stood in a circle. At their feet lay her most precious treasure, broken and bleeding from the brutal attack she had endured. The sight of Briar drove all coherent thought from her mind. She would kill them all for that which they had done. "You will not touch her again you son of a…" As Fire reached the group, she shimmered in a strange blue light before she began tearing them apart, literally. Teeth and claws flashed dangerously. Sounds of an inflamed she cat issued from her throat with a throaty growl. The sight before them, sent the attackers running in a wild frenzy of fear. Briar sat up slowly, dizziness and nausea making it nearly impossible. Focusing her sight, Briar took in the ruined bodies of her attackers, and the large snow leopard that was in the process of tearing meat off an attacker's stomach. Tears rushed into her eyes and down her face at the carnage all around her. Looking up, into the furred face of the cat that had come to her side, Briar buried her face into the furry neck and cried brokenly "Tygera what have you done?" Before another thought could be spoken, lightning hit the tree they were under and a thick, heavy branch came down.
          The fellowship, except for Fire who was in bed unconscious and Legolas who had taken up vigil at the ranger's bedside, had rested, ate and tried to come to terms with the loss of Gandalf. Legolas had joined them briefly so he could bathe and change into clean clothes before returning to Fire's talan. He had brought water and food for the others. When he was asked of what the Lorien Elves sang, the elf told them it was lament for Gandalf and that he had not the heart to tell them what the words meant for the grief was still too near for the elf. Legolas had listened to Sam trying to make up a song of his own for Gandalf, before returning to the ranger's side. Aragorn and Boromir talked quietly about what the Lady had said to Boromir, and about the White City. The pain and grief were evident in Boromir's voice as he spoke of his loss of hope and the promise he had made to see the White City safe again. Gimli slept, with only a marginal amount of snoring, which was strangely soothing to the company. The hobbits talked among themselves and ate to their heart's content until sleep claimed them as well. Aragorn was the last to give in to the lure of rest, but he was soon calmed enough by the Elven lament to slide into a dreamless sleep.
          A scream rent the air breaking the silence of the talan. Legolas slipped from the chair by Fire's bedside and leaned over the terrified elleth. The dreams tore at her like an angry orc, leaving her screaming and violent. Each time the dreams took hold, Legolas sat on her bed and pulled her into his arms, whispering words of comfort. Within minutes, the ranger would relax and snuggle deeper into the elf's embrace. Legolas seemed to be unaware of the soft glow that emanated from the pair every time Fire relaxed in his arms, but both Aragorn and Galadriel took note of this strange phenomenon. When Fire was calm and sleeping soundly, Legolas would lay her back down, covering her with thick blankets to keep her warm. The elf had been doing this for more then two days, never leaving her side except to relieve himself and appraise the other Fellowship members of her condition. Even Galadriel had not been able to convince the worried elf to leave her room and when she had tried, Legolas had turned blazing blue eyes to the Lady and snarled, "I will leave when she wakes NOT before!" His protective demeanor towards Fire was a source of hilarity for Gimli and Aragorn. Both had come to the same conclusion, the elf had developed a deep seated affection for the ranger and the two were taking bets on who would admit to love first. Aragorn was pleased his best friend had finally succumbed to the inevitable desire to find and claim a mate and thought Fire was a good choice for Legolas for she challenged him in a way no other had dared.
Aragorn frowned again as he saw the two on the bed beginning to glow. First Fire had begun to light up with the eerie glow then an answering glow from Legolas mingled with Fire's, surrounding the two beings completely.  He wanted to ask about it, but he was unsure if it was his place to do so. A gentle hand graced his shoulder catching his attention. Gazing upwards, Aragorn saw a smiling Galadriel as she stood watching the pair. The beauty of the Lady was remarkable, but it was the wisdom of her eyes that caught Aragorn's thoughts. A voice in his head told him to follow the Lady from the talan. Getting up slowly, Aragorn took a last look at the glowing pair and followed Galadriel to the forest floor.
After walking silently for awhile, the Lady broke into the ranger's musings. "You are curious about the ranger. She is the daughter of one of your closest friends, yet you know so little about her. You wish to know about the glow you see when Fire allows Legolas to bring comfort to her, yet you do not ask for fear it will damage what is developing between them during this stressful time. I will set your mind at ease, young one. Fire is in no physical danger and soon will return to the waking world. Her dreams come from another life, another place, she had before the twins found her. The glow you are seeing is the beginning of a life bond, I believe, but I am not completely certain of this. That you can see this glow shows me how deep an involvement in their lives you have. So far, only you and I have seen this glow. Speak not to the others about this matter, for it is a very private time.  She is not as she appears. Her heritage is of a race not seen in a millennium or more. We thought, Elrond and I, that the last of her kind had been destroyed, but it seems we were wrong. I will tell you of her only because I have foreseen your strength will help Fire in her struggles to become who she truly is. For now, you must keep her identity safe for if it is brought to the Dark Lord's attention, her life, her very soul would be in mortal danger more so then it already is. She is Princess Tygera, last of the royal house of Anorak, ruler of the Forgotten Ones. The great white cat who defended the Dwarf against  my dear march warden  was Fire.    

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